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2009-02-09, 22:13
Yesterday, on T&T server, I joined at 3/4 of game on Qwai. Firstly, I joined some squad, I don't recall it's name TBH, but left it soon. Then I joined squad named "WTFBBQPWN" led by *IAJTHOMAS, as soon as I joined their squad, we jumped into TOWs, and tried to jackout the chinese tank on the opposite side of bridge. We came behind his sorry arse, first TOW gave him pounding, but mine rocket missed because (probably) my driver got scared a little bit, and got me out of balance, after which we got shell in our face. Nevermind, we won that round.

Next round was on Korengal. US had no chance of winning that one, mainly because we made massacre at Outpost (even I was terrified, corpses laying around like someone dropped the MOAB there, not like some rag-tags did a drive-by. Anyway, we had little bit of problems with those caches in snowy peaks, lost 'em, but they lost whole loads of tickets just retreating from there. Rest was just mopping up stranded squads around caves. At one moment, US had 2 humvees and 1 stryker pinning us, but eventually, other guys did splendid job sending them to scrapyard.

Jabal. Everyone who was on T&T around 1700-1830 GMT+1 knows what I'm talking about. MEC were playing like their own mothers threatened them with house cleaning. First squad got EB, we got WB, then we moved to Dam compound to make FB and stuff, and eventually got some firefights at it. Soon, order was to swing around and assault southern bridge from western ridges. 2 squads that were cleaning the dam were coming to bridge very quickly, but we came there first, pushing MEC into the city itself (Thanks to LudacrisKill, for supplies and giving us a ride.

City is story for itself. We had 3 squads rushing into city, with MEC hopelessly fighting for it. We had it in mere seconds. But then hell almost broke loose. They managed to take the south bridge (neutralize it, TBH), but our APC guys sent them flying home. Due to heavy AA ( .50 cals, MANPADS) our choppers kissed ground once and for all, and we were in big problems. Some MEC guys forced out APC team to divide and SB was put at hold. City was nr. 1 priority - as only our squad and 1 APC held it against 80% of MEC team. It took big time until 2nd and 3rd squad took the bridge, and then those mustache boys saw the end. Our flyboys took 2nd and 3rd squad behind NB. Until they capped it, we had hell in city, but we didn't gave an inch of it. I bet that there was 1:4 ratio in favor of MEC since they sent whole team on us, and yet they failed (it's kinda hard to understand, I still don't get it). APC + six of us held ground like in those cheap B-production American action movies (ok, that makes me sick).

Was great fighting, that was PR evolved :D.

Thanks to our SL *IAJTHOMAS, and all glory goes to him, as he led us like no one else. Of course, other players like team0america and one more guy, whose name I couldn't remember, also did a outrageous job. Things like these rarely happen twice.

2009-02-09, 22:34
i loved the korengal round, my squad absolutely massacred the outpost (other squads did a main assault on it, good work there too) i had taken my squad to the back of outpost and had climbed up the rockface and rained hell on the us with frags and the stormed them full auto. they didn't know what hit them haha.
sadly the us managed to get a flare down on a cache and i threw a frag to defend it and it made a bit of damage so i got the traitor punishment (270 sec and 0 score) and was branded by the whole team, so i explained the situation and politely left the server.

and team0america did a great job.

2009-02-09, 22:40
Oh, then sorry.

I was swearing so much, you wouldn't believe me... After we were holding the hills so hard, and then that... but it's ok with me :D

2009-02-10, 07:32
oh yeah i totally get you, first time it ever happened to me though, plus we had the chopper hovering over the cache, it was act or lose the cache (sadly i didn't react fast enough and they began destroying it before the cache was down ): )

2009-02-11, 00:21
Join us, it is your destiny. Search your feelings IAJTHOMAS... You know it to be true.