View Full Version : [AAR] Stalemate of stalemates

2009-02-09, 20:15
Yep, It was yesterday on Jabal (Chicago HC). I created a building squad, went to east beach, where, with a delay, both choppers dropped the crates. So we start building everything up, and after some time, we head north to that little village, to set a RP and start progressing to South Bridge, while others cap Dam. Well, as everything cannot be perfect, we met some opposition, 2 APCs aswell, wich we actually destroyed and killed the fleeing crewmans and the squad riding it. We merged with another squad and slowly starded to get up the hill on the W side of the road, so we would aproach SB from SE and would have a nice hi-ground advantage. As we soon found out, there was a MEC FB set up on the W side of the bridge, with all possible wires and stuff around it. And thats where it started. It was just shooting madness with masses of MEC roling over the hill trying to overrun us, but they didnt really made it. Meanwhile, squadmember brought up a Logistics Truck and i quickly placed a FB and both HMGs. And we were fighting MEC at those 50 meters from their FB, rocking forth and back all the time. The guys at the Dam had a tough job so it was really a juggle between MEC/USMC...Tickets went down pretty quickly, the siren was going off, there was 1 ticket left, I say GG and BAM! We win 1-0 :D Without ticket bleed, whole round was based pretty much on kills. Nice work everybody!

Next round We had the must awesome Tank vs Techincal escape around the lake on Kozelsk. Gratz to driver because of saving our arses and driving godlike, also the tank crew wasn't inexperienced, since they went throught the same dense forest as we in the pickup and still keep up. Yeah, that was one of those really epic moments of PR evah.

2009-02-10, 21:40
I was there for both of those rounds, and that standoff was AWESOME! I usually never get that many kills. Then we'd get an apc or two rolling down the road and take them out. One of my favorite PR moments.