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2009-02-09, 00:47
We had a nice round last saturday night on Korengal and it was a nice change of pace having the alternative layout loaded in the server (TCombat btw).

We had 3 full squads and a fourth half squad working together using Mumble as the main communication tool. Squad leaders would communicate with each other, if far away, using Mumble's special "Force Center Position" shortcut that overwrites the positional audio to be just like regular radio voip, with normal volume no matter how far away you are. But also, everybody and most of the squad members were connected as well using positional audio facilitating intersquad cooperation.

I unfortunately didn't record the action as I was too busy leading my squad, but I did take some screenshots you can see bellow.

We spawned at the blackhawk crash site and started moving towards Camp Murphy from the south. We had only 2 squads working together at that time since the other 2 would be joining later in the round. We took position on the hills overlooking Camp Murphy while other friendlies captured the position. We spotted enemies across the river and engaged them with great success.



http://video.xfire.com/74e5a-4.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/video/74e5a/)

We moved to cache positions to the west, back the way we came, while being chased by Taliban fighters coming from the nearby hills.

We got one or two caches before crossing the river north and we were joined by the other 2 squads at that time.

The Taliban had the Outpost captured and defended, but we moved to a cache position marked next to the hills to the north west. They blew up the west mountain pass and that made our job pretty hard since they had defenses there and infantry attacking from the outpost to the east as well. As you can see, we had 4 squads at that location but we were constantly rushed and tried to hold the position and destroy the cache. We ended up destroying the cache but lost several soldiers there and got overrun.


We regrouped at Camp Murphy and moved south west to the hills with this big group.




We destroyed several other cache positions to the south without having many casualties.

We then moved all the way north again to a cache position marked across the mountain pass on the snowy hills. This time we were prepared for it, got 2 squads over the blocked passage to the west and had an intense firefight on that location, assaulting and destroying the cache inside the compound.

Last objective was the heavily defended Outpost. We setup covering fire on the hills, but they had too much stuff defending the position (technicals, machine guns, lots of infantry). We tried our best there, but couldn't get close. It was another squad to the south that destroyed the last cache making us win the round.

2009-02-09, 01:43
About time someone plays the 32 player mode! Let me guess hard as hell? :-P

X1 Spriggan
2009-02-09, 01:53
COOoooll Beans Maaan...

I didnt record anything either

2009-02-09, 09:55
That was some fun sh_t! Lighting those four guys up at the start was hilarious. They probably had close to a hundred rounds on their position within seconds. It's pretty much impossible to get a whole squad to lay down fire like that, let alone two squads in a regular pub game.

2009-02-09, 15:07
Excuse me for the topic Hijack: But I thought Mumble was just another teamspeak/ventrilo client. It works with positional voip? Like when standing next to someone you can hear him better than far away? And it works with Bf2?

starts google ;)

Sounds like one heck of a game man!

2009-02-09, 15:56
Nice Formations, Looks sweet.

2009-02-09, 16:17
What is Mumble btw?

Cool game though :)

2009-02-09, 17:14
64 Version - Full assets
32 Version - Hard version - Version played
16 Version - Limited assets - Use for smaller games