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2009-02-07, 01:47
EPIC round of Op Barracuda, can't remember who was in my squad but you did a great job!

USMC; We landed on the WSW side of the island along with IAJTHOMAS' SQ4, immediately built up a firebase whilest my squad moved to the south side of the island (directly south of the Compound by the waterfall)

The huey Squad was being run by [T&T]Hanniz who did an amazing job keeping his lads in the sky and where they were needed

We built up another firebase once wed made it to the south side

From our new position we pushed north towards the chinese compound, we saw several trucks 2 HMGs and some AA along with a fast assault vehicle.

L-AT trained his sights on one MG as I moved into the firebase...

"GO!!!" the L-AT rips through the air destroying the HMG, the same time I tear down the FB by knifing the radio, shortly Incendiary's are on the crates and theyre gone too... The grenadier opens up and starts shaking up the infantry

The Skirmish raged on for about 30 minutes before (due to lack of FB) the Chinese reinforcemnts dried up as their last rally was taken.

The compound was ours! Meanwhile SQ4 were making good progress on the NW rock formation and other squads were readying the assault to the next flag due east.

whilest waiting for Logistics our squad comes under fire from the south. turning to fire we're getting picked off by enemies we cant even see, CAS is called in. Within seconds two Hueys take two runs each onto the southern side of the compound, the gunfire stops.

Shortly after we get our logistics and with two members of the squad giving Recon from the enemies only Point of Attack the rest build up a regular fort in the compound!
Every entrance is Razor wired with foxholes behind them and there are HMGs covering the arcs.

after defending from minor attacks we notice the last flag before main going down... With us on the waterfall compound the enemies only line of attack is towards the bridge, straight into an onslaught of CAS and USMC rifles.
We then realised that our Job was done, with us at the compound we had gained control over the central area of the map the PLAs only choise was to go around our fortification into heavily reinforced USMC.

We get picked up by the chopper and taken to PLA main... After shooting some fish in a barrel it was Game Over :D

Battle recs and general good times can be found below :)

Tactics & Teamwork | The Home Of Like Minded Gamers (http://www.tacteam.org)

(good round of CnC Qwai after too... CNC ROCKS!!!!!!)

2009-02-07, 01:50
That was a great round, our [MG] Squad held at swamp objective for a while.

2009-02-07, 08:59
I remember that, we were just at the compound keeping a far reaching presence in the centre of the map disrupting anything that came by as we saw squad after squad on the USMC leapfrogging capping the flags

2009-02-07, 10:20
Was this last night? PLA team got so badly raped that I couldn't help myself but laugh at our pathetic attempts to turn the tide. Those Hueys did an awesome work!

Nice to see a USMC team actually doing what they should be doing on Barracuda - moving around the heavy Chinese defenses at the CPs and build a FB from where they can flank the defenders.

The following rounds where just as fun... Taliban domination on Archer followed by Russian blitzkrieg on Fools' Road. :wink:

2009-02-07, 10:55
Great round serving as one of your SM there, we owned them pretty hard :)

2009-02-07, 12:52
That was the most awesome PR round ever :D
TeamSpeak with you guys was fun :p

2009-02-07, 14:17
Lies! (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f18-pr-suggestions/53526-opperation-barracuda-suggestion.html#post926827)

I was having a great time until I was suddenly indoctrinated by the evil communists... Managed to swtich back for the last 10 minutes or so, spent the time running round bunkers at bridge with an undeployed SAW rambo-style (perhaps it was best I was forcefully relieved of the command of my squad by the server :))

2009-02-08, 10:08
Good to hear! :) too bad I couldnt make it that evening hearing those awesome storys about Barracuda and Qwai CnC!