View Full Version : [AAR] Most Talkative but Still a decent Team Player person of .85

2009-02-06, 03:02
Well this will be more of a nominate someone who is a good team player, but just doesn't seemt o have an off button
And for the first nomination I have me!
On a round in Ramiel with the devs, I was with fuzzhead, and he said something to the effect of, DF I don't want to know about every fart you have. :D Woops too much talk. Shoulda just started going WTH was that?
Ok which URL do I put into the YOUTUBE link?

2009-02-06, 03:14
Just the video ID. The random cluster of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers at the end of url in [youtube] tags

2009-02-06, 03:16
amazing...a family guy clip.

I had to copy and paste the malformed link u posted for the least funny family guy joke that I can remember. (funny...but its the least funny)

2009-02-06, 18:35
that's pretty much what I was doing the whole time until fuzz said shut up
Anyway what you guy have to nominate

2009-02-06, 18:55
you've played with developers? AWESOME! :-o