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2009-02-05, 22:28
Was playing on Barracuda from fairly early on in the game on our clan server. As usual I grabbed the chopper. Went very well throughout the match, got damaged a few times, but always made it back to the carrier. Then, on one insertion near the silo base got shot up pretty bad and started losing power.

Naturally I was getting worried as I had a full helicopter and we were going down in a heavily forested area. But, with a lot of luck and trying to make the landing as gentle as possible I successfully carried out an emergency landing in PR. We all survived the crash, all bar one or two who died when the chopper actually exploded. I stuck with the squad for a little bit, waiting for an emergency evacuation and an attack helicopter came to rescue me. ;D My hero.

I only had one death that round and that was at the end when I somehow managed to switch teams.

Was epic, man, epic..

2009-02-05, 23:37
you can fly for me anytime lady

2009-02-05, 23:56
and an attack helicopter came to rescue me. ;D My hero.

that would be the best part for me

its all well and good getting the squad on the ground, but its so much more satisfying getting the crashed pilot back out to the carrier.

[R-DEV]Nickbond inserted my squad to the airport on archer, but we were hit by a SA7, every1 was killed by the explosion, execpt me and nick, he got the chopper on the floor, but it was no longer functional, so my squad fought their way back to our position with a repair truck and got the chopper back up, it was awesome, Nick was trying to force the chopper in to the air, we were shoving cover fire down towards the east "Go nick Go!!! on the chat"


Wish the ticket system rewarded those kind of actions more.

2009-02-06, 00:19
Yeah, it's awesome in those moments. I was really happy that the squad stayed with me and protected me whilst waiting for help, even asking for a helicopter as well so we'd get noticed.

I suppose they were all my heros, to give them credit. They could have had a go at me for losing the helicopter or just abandoned me in favour for the flag and kills.