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2009-02-04, 05:43
Ok so I have noticed on maps like kashan or quinling or hell even al basrah that tanks and APC's always follow a similar tactic that pisses me off more than the nub sniper

Ok so for a referance lets use Kashan desert. Now at the beginning of the round on the U.S team someone will make a tank squad and use all 3 tanks WITHOUT a repair truck and usually head through the 1 or two column and head south when they pass the bunkers and try to get into an epic tank battle and guess what happens. they usually find there battle and lose all three tanks! And as soon as they respawn and get the next batch they replay the previous incident and now both teams are out of tanks.

Now rewind to the beginning and lets go over the APC squads tactics. they are usually used like tanks for two reasons they have heavy fire power and decent armor and they won't/cant get infantry to hop in the back because either because it is slower and kinda boring to ride in. So the APC's ride off and play a tanks roll of providing infantry support over/around the bunkers until a heli/tank/rocket/Gods smiting hand destroys it

Now what I think would be a more appropriate strategy goes like this

2 squads are made for tanks one with 2 tanks and a repair truck and the second with 1 tank,1 APC (full of infantry) and a AA. now these two squads should move together but in an organized manner like this.

the two tanks in SQ1 should take up a defensive position around the objective [maybe on the hills??]( (North village makes a good practice run) ,like The bunkers and south village) and provide fire support while the Duce stays behind an sets up a repair station (this is also a good place foe the AA to sit until it is called). Then the APC moves in to around 100-200m of the target and unload the infantry while the tank from second squad moves in with the infantry to provide cover over the 200m open land rush.

Now you ask why a tank and not a APC?? mostly because of the armor and also because the APC is is vital to moving the infantry.


now if your lucky your tanks should last until the heli's or jets spawn and now would be a good time to engage the enemy tanks by using a scout of some kind to identify where the AA is on the other side and lazer it for the air squad or just have one tank do a hit and run to knock it out then use your AA guys to check for the other sides air assets and take the proper measures. Now the reason for not going into direct tank vs tank combat is because the armor is pretty well balanced and you should assume the other side is at least as good and if not better than you so you do the math.

now if your lucky by the time you get the bunkers your side should have at least 2 more tanks and 1 more heli to help gain momentem in kasran thus giving you the win because kasran is typically aa map that is won and lost at the villages

Next is Al basrah

Solid Knight
2009-02-04, 06:35
I think everyone should solo armor and just park in front of my tank.

2009-02-04, 12:35
meh, best armor position is hull down and pointing towards the enemy.
i always try to avoid head on engagements with enemy armor and instead hide behind a hill, send the man on the 50 cal over the hill to scout and then flank