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2009-02-04, 05:33
When was a time you or the asset you were "god"? Survived 10 tank shells on a motorbike? Hopped off a roof and lived to tell the tale? Had a helicopter take you on as an infantryman only to find out you shot the pilot?

My 3 (all on .85)
I was on the hotel on Muttrah (the northern one) in a Huey. Due to lag, I flipped the Huey (off the hotel), but landed on the road next to it on my skids. Then took off to eventually repair at the carrier.

On Karbala, I was in one of those what used to be repair trucks. A technical opened fire on me, and thinking I was doomed, I rammed him. When I respawned, my truck was dead...but so was the technical.

Another just odd event was getting hit by 3 AA missiles in the attack huey and not hearing a single fire alarm go off. Hueys > Littlebirds. The AA operator was like "How'd you survive that???", and that was that.

2009-02-04, 05:39
kashan desert, I lost only 1 tank in the hole round, and killed like 6 other tanks

2009-02-04, 08:55
The AA operator was like "How'd you survive that???"


2009-02-04, 09:15
I dub the Artillery IED the Hand ov God, because it is just so freaking awesome. First there are a bunch of guys shooting at you, then there aren't. (l)

Was also pretty sweet when I had just planted an IED and crawled away right into a marine, with the IED behind me so him a nice distance from it, but I detonated anyway. I survived because I was prone, he didn't :p