View Full Version : [Video] Dev Fight Event Jan-31-09 - Mechanized Infantry perspective

X1 Spriggan
2009-02-03, 01:34
I took the time to put these stupid little annotations. Why dont you spend time watching the video.


2009-02-03, 01:36
Nice work Spriggy! :)

2009-02-03, 02:18
This was already posted in the AAR for that event... oh well... nice vid, thanks for recording.

2009-02-03, 10:20
nice 1 spriggy as usualy :D

and that was my RPG from the first cache :p

2009-02-03, 11:44
So unbelievably saddened I missed that :\

Vid is awesome man, its my new video to show people what pr is when they ask :P

2009-02-03, 13:13

Mj Pain
2009-02-03, 13:30
Vid is awesome man, its my new video to show people what pr is when they ask :P

I will do the same:)

2009-02-03, 13:39
+1 for some awesome teamplay footage
-1 for Generation Kill references.

2009-02-03, 13:54
seems like our squad is famous! too bad i had to lose my internet connection after attacking that refinery :/

2009-02-03, 14:13
+1 for some awesome teamplay footage
-1 for Generation Kill references.

The question that should be boggling most peoples minds is that if those lines were [mostly] taken from actually used phrases, can we really get upset with people using them in a war game? ;)

I'm talking "Oscar Mike", POG and such, not funny quotes and such that are distinct to the show :P

Sundance Kid
2009-02-03, 14:30
the apache just gave me a broner

2009-02-03, 15:15
Great vid!

2009-02-03, 15:53
Nice vid, and this is the 2nd vid showing my "WHoohoo!" after taking down the apache :)

Great vid and great fight over the first 3 caches.

2009-02-03, 16:40
Cool stuff ;)

2009-02-03, 16:54
Ah cmon, Generation Kill is so last year, let the damn 'hitmans' and 'oscar mikes' die already.

Nice video though

2009-02-03, 17:07
But it was f*cking ninja anyway

X1 Spriggan
2009-02-04, 02:48
i have had actually made no pre-vid references or remarks about generation kill, whether playing the game, or joining in general hoots about generation kill. i saw the choice to easily add annotations to my vid and the series was the only thing i could think of adding for fun/ to test

if the first sight of the series references that you did not want to read, you could have simply turned them off

2009-02-04, 03:05
Personally I thought it added a lot. And although the lines were taken from a show that some people seem to tire of so easily, I think that if a potential new PR player watches the video[as we see one in your comments on the video] they will have a greater desire to play PR :|

A lot of PR is role play in my opinion. Its not basic BF2 anymore, you have logistics, strategy, and the like. Why not have a little fun with it? Get in the role? If it comes from a movie[based on something real] so what?

2009-02-04, 11:07
lol, is are the squad the only one recording tht game? And great video, :P