View Full Version : [AAR] Best Time On Ramiel!

2009-01-26, 18:18
I got to say when the devs are playing they are some hard core guys.
I beleive it as Saturday, the TCOMbat server. US side
Fuzzhead was the CO and was ordering us around like something out of BHD (or generation kill which I need to look up)
Iwas up in the sky as a spotter for Canuck Commander in the AH6. We'd follow the convoy then orbit around waiting for orders while the convoy would check the area for caches.
Even though the camera sucked hard core(I hate the vBF2 gun camera) me and Canuck would rip apart any vehicles or bikes going near the convoy. UNforutnatly these Somalis have SA7 missles (Can we have a test version done without them? And give the AH6 rockets? The thing is afraid of the technicals as it is)
It was crazy when the convoy got attacked in the water tower area, and everyone got lost. Then we all decided to run into the city.
Unfortunalty I ddnt get to see how it ended as I lost connection. So if anyone has a recording of it, BFR or otherwise I'd love to see it