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2009-01-26, 06:20
Great round everyone involved!

Server: Tcombat.com
Date: Sunday January 25th, 11pm-1am EST
Map: Operation Archer (USMC)

A nice convoy group going comprised of:

4 Humvees, 2 Support Trucks, 2 Huey for occasional resupply

Squad 2 Infantry
Jaymz (SL)

Squad 3 Infantry
fuzzhead (SL)

Squad 7 Infantry
JouninSpriggan (SL)

Squad 4 Support/Logistics
dbzao (SL)
=LP= ncomm
=TB= Woolfson

8 out of 10 cache destroyed. Epic final last stand on that hilltop defense with 360 degree coverage of foxholes.


PR v0.85 - Operation Archer - 5 infantry squads convoy (part 1 of 2) by dbzao

PR v0.85 - Operation Archer - 5 infantry squads convoy (part 2 of 2) by dbzao

PR v0.85 - Operation Archer - Battle of Shah-i-kot Valley by JouninSpriggan



2009-01-26, 06:28
Great game guys.

Epic last stand!:firing:

The hueys were dropping crates on our guys though :roll:

2009-01-26, 06:34
The hueys were dropping crates on our guys though :roll:

Yes... I was one of the unfortunates who got crushed by a crate.

2009-01-26, 06:37
Yeah the hill defense was bad ass!

2009-01-26, 06:43
That was made of gold.

2009-01-26, 07:13
CodeRedFox;916453']Yeah the hill defense was bad ass!

Aye, 1 technical was filled with tons of 5.56 rounds from like 26 Marines on the hill hahaha.

2009-01-26, 07:16
Thats what PR is all about, team work.

2009-01-26, 13:04
damm, i always miss these "f'ing ninja"rounds... :(

2009-01-26, 16:00
PARAMEDIC.CA;916697']damm, i always miss these "f'ing ninja"rounds... :(

Welcome to the club:cry:

2009-01-26, 16:44
There have been some awesome rounds thus far with this build...especially on the insurgency maps. This round was by far my favorite. Our squad got trapped at the last cache at the airfield. We tried in vain to knock down your Firebase to the West. We put heavy fire on your MG nest, but you guys did a awesome job suppressing us. Then when you got the humvees to flank us to the east and weakened our hill defense the Crap Storm was on. The only thing we could do is stay low and hit you with inf. as you scaled the walls. We held on, but I think if you had 10 more minutes or 20 more tickets, you would of definately got it.

BTW..who was flying the choppers over the airfield really low...It was awesome ... choppers diving in, smoke and frag nades going off everywhere, just a really good balanced round...


2009-01-26, 17:44
My 4 man support squad securing the vehicles while the rest attacks the cache location close-by:


Infantry squads moving on the road:



Good job support squad ;) Building firebases and defending the vehicles against enemy reinforcements.


2009-01-26, 18:29
that stuff is top notch, dB.

2009-01-26, 18:40
I presume insurgents won? Hence the 8 caches out of 10.

Why don't you join insurgents? :P There could be some epic ambushes and cache defence.

2009-01-26, 19:04
Yeap Taliban won the round in the end... but it wasnt really about "winning" the round, as we werent playing competitively, rather we were playing for more "sim-like" qualities, such as trying for as low deaths as possible and approaching each new cache as a new mission, rather than as a "Round".

And yes, if the Taliban are organised they could have made some amazing ambushes and stuff on our convoy, unforunately the Taliban in that round were very bloodthirsty and light on creative ideas, their best (and only) idea was to constantly attack us head-on ;)

However they did have some good organisation with their 50cal technicals, but not much success with them.

Our #1 enemy was the bomb truck, which got 2 out of 3 succesful kills on our convoy, 1 of them wiping our ENTIRE convoy out (with infantry surviving). BOth times we knew it was coming but putting 200 rounds into it did nothing apparently :/

2009-01-26, 20:37
That round was made of gold and win. When you get the convoy organized and rolling together, the combined firepower from all those M2's can really wreck house on enemy positions, and certainly deal with any threats as we roll by. The most impressive part to me was how 98% of the some 25 people involved all instantly clicked into their roles. Convoy gunners covered their sectors, and adjusted under pressure. When we dismounted, squads set up proper security. Dbzao's squad did a fantastic job of defending our convoy when we dispatched the two infantry squads to sweep for nearby caches. Not to mention the badassness of our homemade hilltop fort. The only thing I would change would be to keep the dang hueys from acting like mosquitoes and constantly fulfilling their urge to hover right on top of our formation and drop boxes. Remember pilots, don't call us - we'll call you. Use a safe LZ, not the road with some eight vehicles all lined up.

And we even got to follow ReaperMAC's tracers as we all rolled onto the airfield. It was a good day.

2009-01-26, 21:46
I am more then grateful that I bare witness the "proper presentation" of the new pr release.

Having in mind that this night might not be the only one of that kind, I just want to express my complete support towards this kind of skirmishes in future, especially right after introducing any new version of PR. Hat down how you mange in so little time to involved so many "random" players last night to act as they are part of some PRT army. All I can say and feel right now is that I feel obligated to transfer this learned knowledge to so many players who love this game mod as possible, because I know how much they are eager to "play it in only way it is was meant to be played" - proper one!

db, Chris and ncomm and rest of you inf. guys thank you for this surprise of experience, just in moment when I thought - there is nothing new left !

Big props also goes to Taliban players without whom this round wouldn't be so epic for me!

2009-01-26, 21:50
I had a good time (the little I could play) as dedicated medic. While the rest of the team were laying heavy fire downrange I was walking back and forth healing. The best was the 15+ guys all lighting up the technical that thought they found a way in.

Pics later tonight.

2009-01-26, 22:11
Im anxious to see the stuff that db recorded that round. The Infantry maneuvering was incredible. Column formation, line formation, one squad setting up on one side of the road while another set up on the opposite side of the road,, etc. it was all epic. It was truly how PR is meant to be played and it was hella fun!

One of our major logistical problems is that... we didn't have enough seats for everyone! Several times we had to leave a couple dudes walking unfortunately. But being able to see people coordinate like that is what makes this mod so worthwhile.

And of course, kudos to CodeRedFox for those epic foxholes! The epic defense we had on that hill, was freaking awesome! :D

2009-01-26, 22:40

Take a look at this round, try to discover the codes behind the players and put it in every player, I wanna see more games like I saw in the pictures.

I'm so tired of players just runing-shoting...

2009-01-26, 23:12

Woh WOH WOH Roma, you're asking questions players shouldnt ask. We take no responsibility if you get lynched after work.

And you all wonder why we make the changes that we do.

2009-01-26, 23:47
CodeRedFox;917330']Woh WOH WOH Roma, you're asking questions players shouldnt ask. We take no responsibility if you get lynched after work.

And you all wonder why we make the changes that we do.

He may be on to something though... what if we could change the coding behind the players...

*cue music*


2009-01-27, 01:24
Sorry, I sounded a bit rude. I just failed to make a litte joke. I mean, I spread among forums and communitys about the PR and all the teamwork it offers and in game I normally be the squad leader and always invite newbies to show in game the team work.

But, even after all I still see a lot o players just playing in their won little world and I then I see all that teamwork that I dream to see in the servers.

And I know a little what you dev's have been trought in the development of this mod, I tried mapping and then messing with some codes once and I quit because they are VERY complicated.

Sorry again, I just wanted to joke with that "we can't mod the players"

2009-01-27, 01:54
I can't believe I left one round before this...


2009-01-27, 04:13
Some other screenshots taken from my video recordings (so quality is not that good):

Calling mortars on Taliban:

Big Red bomb truck coming in!!!

Getting shot at main while regrouping and preparing for the next attack:

Attack on the airport, squad 3 returned to our FO to rearm:

Setting up at the industrial facility on a failed attack on a cache north of our position:

2009-01-27, 05:01

X1 Spriggan
2009-01-27, 05:57
YouTube - Project Reality .85 Battle of Battle of Shah-i-kot Valley (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LmODvCjr7g)

2009-01-27, 06:32
Well, I don't normally ever post since there's so much input going around here I'd feel like mine would be spam, I only lurk a little, but I wanted to thank everyone involved for their simulation-like behaviour efforts during that round.

Possibly the best PR round to date, THE way it's meant to be played. I was mad at my BF2 crashing twice but managed to come back. Unfortunately I didn't take any screenshots, it was too intense and immersive. Epic epic stuff, I feel bad for whoever missed it but all players cannot fit on one server.

I was part of Sq2 (Jaymz's) if you want to update that roster :)
Despite our impressive convoy, the Talibans managed to perform two sucessful strikes with the big red truck, twice at the same valley road spot you can see on the formation screenshot.

I amazingly survived the first attack which destroyed most of our guys, at least 3-4 vehicles plus a firebase. I found myself de facto left behind with, I hate to say, a noob blue medic whom i had to capslock brief on how to treat my wounds. Nightmarish, I thought I was going to bleed to death with him staring at me with his pack in his hands.
He finally took care of me in a small house where I was holding a couple more talibans off. I realized there was still 1 last vehicle intact on the road ; that humvee surely was the last ride home.
With all other few blues dead, we sprint to it while taking and returning fire in a flash and I drove it all the way back to the base with the medic on board. We made it just in time as the convoy was resupplying for the next mission, I was so glad ! :-D

And so, we came back on the same spot later on to destroy a cache which happened to spawn in the house where I made my stand. I dropped my thermite on it. 8)

Can't wait to see a video of the last firefight, it was non-stop firing for idk, 15 mins ? Apparently Battlerecorder wasn't on.

edit : ooh sweet one posted above !

2009-01-27, 06:44
YouTube - Project Reality .85 Battle of Battle of Shah-i-kot Valley (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LmODvCjr7g)

Epic :)

2009-01-27, 15:44
updated 1st post with some videos by dbzao and jouninspriggan

2009-01-27, 16:12
Nice work gents... you've made me proud of my work playing the map that way :)

2009-01-27, 19:37
From my part, I got pretty busy even with a more "boring" job like securing and defending the vehicles and the FO.

The procedure was to halt the convoy on a more-or-less secure place close to the cache, deploy an FO, defend the FO and the vehicles from enemy reinforcements from the rear. We did that 5 or 6 times during that round and we were constantly attacked by the Taliban.

My squad did very well defending with the .50 cals. At one place we were attacked by 4 enemy technicals that would have attacked our infantry squads from behind and we destroyed them. We were even fortunate to call artillery on enemy positions one time.

The big red bomb truck was our big nightmare, specially on close quarters where we didn't have much time to take it out. The third time we got him because ncomm put a C4 on the road and that tought us a lesson for the future ;)

One attack by the big red destroyed our lead humvee (fuzz) and we decided to move north and regroup away from the enemy so fuzz could get his squad back with us again. Little did we know that the village we went to was actually a place where TWO enemy caches were placed and weren't revealed to us, so the enemy kept attacking our staging area. I don't have any recording from that fight, but it was very intense.

fuzzhead got back to us by chopper but we didn't have enough vehicles to transport all, so we just held that position on the hill with all the foxholes and got constantly attacked.

2009-01-27, 22:30
YouTube - Project Reality v0.85 Op. Archer - 5 infantry squads convoy (part 2 of 2) (http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=_LqXu9-lswY&fmt=22)

Nice video of the epic defense! As you guys can hear at the end, *crushed by a crate*


2009-01-27, 23:38
Hmmm how do I download both youtube ones in HQ ? I'd like to save these, but whether I use downloadhelper or keepvid it keeps downloading the low-quality versions :?

2009-02-03, 04:17
I actually took an aftermath shot of BigRed. Those were two of my friends driving that thing. :)


2009-02-09, 03:13
I was in the passenger seat of big red, Amazing game!
you guys have to tell me when you have another game like this, it was so fun!