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2009-01-25, 16:23
i'll admit it, razor wire looks cool, stick it around a firebase and it will look formidable, tactical and will damage enemies stupid enough to throw themselves on it. with the addition of tank traps in .895, it looks even cooler and will stop vehicles.

but for goodness sake, WATCH WHERE YOU PLACE THEM. too many times i see overzealous wire placement that not only kept the enemy out of a firebase, but trapped their team inside it. often with hilarious/frustrating results depending on what team you are on.

heres a small example, brilliant start on qwai by the US team, thwarted an early enemy attack on government office and we all rushed in to construct the firebase and assets... thats when the nightmare began.



some wise guy decides to double stack wire on all the entrances to government office, just to sweeten the deal he sticks a big sandbag right on the front entrance trapping a command truck, two hummers...


and the entire team.

our advantage soon turned into a massacre, only one squad escaped the trap and they were soon overwhelmed by the chinese advance in which they promptly surrounded the office and began chucking grenades over the walls taking care to avoid hitting the sandbags and wire that kept us inside. they didnt even bother trying to cap the point, the amount of kills they were gaining from this meant they didnt need to.

whats worse is that the commander screams DEFEND GOVT OFFICE and orders every squad towards there. where does everyone spawn? in the firebase in govt office further feeding more fish into the barrel.

a few of us realised the shithole we were in and set about dismantling the sandbags but the guy who built them seemingly forged some sort of bond with his creations, got pissy and kept rebuilding it insisting he was 'keeping the enemy out' to the extent he even teamkilled a guy putting C4 on it.

eventually enough of us died to mount a counterattack from outside the trap and those still stuck inside used a hummer as a ramp to get out, but the damage was done and we still lost the game.

so think about it before you set up razor wire in places like entrances please, you may think you are doing the team a service when you are in fact setting up their prison.

2009-01-25, 20:22
chuck a phospherous grenade on 1 and its gone ;)

2009-01-25, 20:25
or in .8 just shoot the steel pole! i wish i knew that in those times=P

2009-01-25, 20:41
chuck a phospherous grenade on 1 and its gone ;)

Of course that happened in 0.809, since the razor wire doesn't have tank blockades in it.

2009-01-25, 22:30
I don't get it though, on the topic of Phospherous Grenades, are they the ones with the tripflare explosion? Cuz that's been confusing the hell outta me :p

And BTW, I've done that exact same thing on Qwai, except I left the front entrance so that you could get out but not back it (IE by walking along the walls), and one or two entrances still open, because the enemy can still get in one way or another even if you close it off completely. In that case they'd be much more surprising, by using Grappling hooks, cars, or whatever. But if you leave a few easily guarded entrances, they won't be tempted to try something new.

2009-01-25, 23:51
Damn I click on the thread too see someone bitching about not being able to get there vehicles through...and enjoy it. Instead you type out a constructive post!

2009-01-26, 00:01
CodeRedFox;916294']Damn I click on the thread too see someone bitching about not being able to get there vehicles through...and enjoy it. Instead you type out a constructive post!

Where are the whiney 12 year olds when you need them, damnit?!

2009-01-26, 00:33
Hee hee, I'm sure it will come.

2009-01-26, 00:50
LOL that must've been a funny game.

2009-01-26, 01:07
I was on Archer with the clan, got a FB up straight away at the VCP, and I put the wire in positions that would allow vehicles and peeps through, but you'd have to actually turn around it.

Clannmates got rather irate that I refused to put it blocking the exits...

I was like

"It pisses me off when I can't get out of my own base, so no."

2009-01-26, 03:25
many times its not so much the wire thats the problem but the idiots that insist it must be there, some dont see the logic of setting up an entrance and will defend their wire placement as if it were their child.

i was on seven gates last night on the PLA side at the river fort and we couldnt get the logistics truck to drop off supply crates as somebody insisted on placing a great big wire across the front ramp, meaning if anybody wanted a kit they had to venture out to the killing field and risk getting shot.

when people started saying it was better to have the crates inside the fort all he replied was TOUGH LUCK THEN and rebuilt it whenever someone tried to drop a phosphorus nade on it.

2009-01-26, 04:02
I miss the .8 wire as it was easily placed 5 meters in front of you and effectively blocked entrances against infantry. I propose putting it back in the next build along side the "new and improved" buildable wire. The new wire seems to give most people fits when trying to place it just right. It has dropped directly on many of my squad leaders this past weekend and even on me. :confused: Plus, some of it will appear with a huge dirt mound. While, good in some cases, its not good in others. I understand the mod is always in a case of WIP, but I'm just giving some early thoughts. Love the work CodeRedFox and I'm eagerly awaiting for your next map, Feyzabad.

Maybe CharityCase will figure out the new wire and teach us all...:grin:
Project Reality razorwire tutorial (http://www.wegame.com/watch/Project_Reality_razorwire_tutorial/)

2009-01-26, 15:30
I don't see a problem with the new wire, It's just as easy to place for me as the old wire.

2009-01-26, 16:44
Yeah it shouldn't (code wise) be any different, but not a 100% on that. You might just be noticing the dirt mound more as the older one didn't have it.

Love the work CodeRedFox and I'm eagerly awaiting for your next map, Feyzabad.

DesmoLocke: Hey, CodeRedFox, back on top, man.
CodeRedFox: Thanks, Desmo. You rock.
DesmoLocke: No, you rock. When you gonna drop Feyzabad on us, buddy?
CodeRedFox: Not yet. You gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage.

2009-01-27, 04:57

Well, I've noticed that if the wire isn't placed on perfectly flat ground, you can get a mound of dirt up to 5 meters high. But, that occurs for most of the buildable objects.

I'll try to get a screen shot of it...