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2009-01-19, 11:32
What is your worst accident within pr?

Mine has to be when i were looking at an enemy without knowing it were an enemy for like 10 seconds and he were staring back, and then he finally decided to kill me!

2009-01-19, 11:48
Trying to fly the Merlin with one of my other accounts, only to realise that it had Merlin-bug-lagg (which isn't the case on my main-account... -.-)

2009-01-19, 12:10
Was flying a littlebird back in the 0.5 days and then i got hit by serious lag and i crashed into a full black hawk which bleew up and crashed into a F-15 - with 2 people in them which then landed on a full boat...

to sum up, the screen said

[Darth.Skyline] BANNED


still it was fun :p

2009-01-19, 12:18
Getting call for air support when me and nick was in the apache. We flew over and I saw 2 tanks, 1 apc and 1 AAV and said "I see a lot of friendlies but no enemy." Then I remember what team I was on... We were flying strait forward, in perfect position to take them all out in one attack run lol.

Okey not really and accident but its the one thing I remember were I really f*cked up.

2009-01-19, 12:23
Finding your axis are reversed at takeoff.... never ends well.

Right clicking twice with a nade... funny how i'm always the only one to get away quick enough!

halvor1;906957']Mine has to be when i were looking at an enemy without knowing it were an enemy for like 10 seconds and he were staring back, and then he finally decided to kill me!

Sounds like typical Russian Vs Chechen face off in the woods!

2009-01-19, 12:49
accidently IED'ing my team's cache :duh:
planted it too nearby..

insta-quitted FH and never dared look at the game's icon for days ;_;

2009-01-19, 12:51
Mistakenly direct APC fire on a friendly position, 2 were killed.

2009-01-19, 12:55
Callin in CAS on kashan on a village, I noticed it was ours when the A10 made its run...

It was like this:

Squadleader: What's the matter?
Me: I called in CAS on north village.
Squadleader: Shit.
Then we saw all the teamkill mesages pop up... Pilots never watch the chat.

2009-01-19, 12:56
Got disorientated, avoiding a vodnic near corner of the map, flying a full Huey - we all died for being out of bounds :cry:

2009-01-19, 13:16
Head on collision on Brittish server, when trying to swerve to the right... doh.
I imagine the average Brit will go to the left.

2009-01-19, 13:22
accidently IED'ing my team's cache :duh:
planted it too nearby..

insta-quitted FH and never dared look at the game's icon for days ;_;
did this too on korengal. misread the map and planted it too close. 5 minute respawn ;(

2009-01-19, 13:48
my 'worst'? I'm not sure I can tell between them :)

Might be easiest to narrow it down to funniest! Got to be dropping a mine in the back of a fully loaded truck and watching it bounce around in the rear till it activates.


Mj Pain
2009-01-19, 13:57
As insurgent Sl
Tried building hide-out near a cache.
Unfortunently it spawned on a wall so i order a guy in the squad to blow it up...
Turns out we were a bit to close to the cache.:oops:

2009-01-19, 15:09
trying to blow a mine up with a ied then slipping and pressing button to explode said ied 3 men died that day, mine was in the same place. Was a sad time.

2009-01-19, 15:24
Had a full load of troops on my Huey the other night on Jabal. Flew over damn, and made a right into Jabal. Decided to land them in the facility section and i mistook my height and held down the "S" key to long. Ended up getting one skid on the ground that ended up pushing me into a tree.

Everyone died.

I quit the game.

2009-01-19, 15:26
i always find if i die while carrying troops in my heli i just quit but only if of course it is my fault not if shot down.

2009-01-19, 16:13
trying to escape with a full BRDM on mestia (0.7) from a warrior and crashed into a tree due because i was such in a rush that i just couldnt make the turn. i blew up along with my gunner 'cause we were already badly damaged

2009-01-19, 16:16
on muttrah, landed the cobra on the carrier and quickly run to the loo, came back to see dead screen. Learnt the Cobra drifted left and crashed into 2 hueys taking them out. Felt bad but call of nature is call of nature :)

2009-01-19, 16:35
My worst traffic accident was when I was on my way back to base in the BTR-90 on Muttrah to get some much needed repairs.

We are in a bit of a hurry, so I max out the boost, and dont mind the map much - Big mistake.
I come around a corner at full speed, just to see a fully loaded command truck coming straight for me. We hit and the truck flips over to it's side and starts burning, killing the driver as he cant get out in time.
The APC's critical damage alarm goes off, and we limp back to base with the survivors from the truck in the back.


2009-01-19, 17:02
MrD;907119']my 'worst'? I'm not sure I can tell between them :)

Might be easiest to narrow it down to funniest! Got to be dropping a mine in the back of a fully loaded truck and watching it bounce around in the rear till it activates.


hahaha good times mr d, never forget the, 'o shit dropped the mine O.O'
20seconds of bumping down the road with the back very heavy BANG :razz:

i got quite a few but most of them are hazy and dont remember very well,

one though was on muttrah,
me and spaz are flying the little birds doing some low level street flying along the promenade when we see a BTR sitting infront of the mosque, so i see a gap in 2 tall buildings and head for it, unfortunatly i didnt have time to pull up enough so my skid hit the top of the roof of a lower building in the gap, my LB bounced off and hit spaz who then got knocked into the building headon :lol:
from being nudged by spaz i managed to clear the the roof and fly back to the carrier with no tailrotar xD

2009-01-19, 19:14
We were a full squad on Al Basrah and took all of the landrovers. We were all acting cool and planning our moves. I was the driver of the second one and I was following the squadleaders landrover. It was an order so we all followed him.
We saw the first buildings and there was the bridge ahead of us. Suddenly heard a sound and someone fired his RPG, then squadleader, with fear, turned right and dived into the river with the landrover. I was following him so I did the same thing and the guy beside me either. So we all were in the river trying to get out from the water with the vehicles in it. We were in heavy fire it took time to get out. When we got out we saw the red truck and it blew up, nobody died, their men died and the bridge was gone. :D :D

It was not just our mistake, It was an epic fail, I call it :D



2009-01-19, 19:17
Everytime I get in a vehicle.

I am not allowed to drive in PR.

2009-01-19, 19:23
Eddiereyes909;907587']Everytime I get in a vehicle.

I am not allowed to drive in PR.

Well you would be allowed to, it's only you flip everything, and in PR that doesn't go down too well. Especially on Kashan :p

You should just constantly drive one of these:

If you, flip, no worries!

2009-01-19, 19:30
I have no real horrible accidents, however a week ago or so I was driving along to pick up my squad, however my vehicle flipped over so I went back to the base for a new and flipped over again...

2009-01-19, 19:35
It was not just our mistake, It was an epic fail, I call it

Yeah, That was an epic fail. What happened after that, one of the truck came and rescued us?

2009-01-19, 20:04


2009-01-19, 20:44
Getting T-boned by a command truck at the MEC main on Muttrah.

2009-01-19, 20:58
Driving in a full vodnick on Muttrah at the Docks, only to turn around a line of crates and see a full USMC squad in a civi car. no time to react or anything, we hit at full speed on both sides, and we both die :?

2009-01-19, 21:04
fuzz and I piloting 2 apaches. We land to rearm, I check my map for a sec, lose control and crash into him and explode both choppers :p

2009-01-19, 21:19
First Days of PR 0.8 ; Qwai River.
I try the Stryker for the first time with a mate, we meet a chinese APC, I manage to escape the fight and say "let's hide in the river, he won't find us".

Now I know that shit isn't amphibious... :-(

2009-01-19, 22:10
Forgot to mention:

Driving a command truck on Muttrah, I see an enemy civy car. I gun it right at him, crush him with my tire, he explodes, my truck slowly rolls over. I curse.

2009-01-20, 02:48
Eight in one teamkill with the master tool of the smacktard, the GAU-8. This would have been outstanding except I was actually trying to kill the other team.....even worse I was firing on a lased position called in by my own team!!

Cue instant ban from the TG server and I have never been allowed back hehe!!

2009-01-20, 03:55
Probably on qwai river when i ordered a LB in my squad to land the squad in the back fields so we could attack government office. As soon as we touched down we started taking fire which left everyone screaming and scrambling to get cover by one of the berms. The chopper took to many hits and caught fire about 20 feet off the ground and the pilot ditched sending the helo smashing to the ground on top of two of my guys. All the while everyone is still screaming and trying to properly engage the enemy.

Needless to say we got wasted but we all thought it was pretty funny afterwords :)

2009-01-20, 09:37
i survived a helicopter crash when we were shot down while flying the little bird on Ramiel. (i was in the passenger seat)
only to be run over when i hopped out by an insurgent in a car

2009-01-21, 01:22
does breaking the pr bot count or would that belong somewhere else?

2009-01-21, 01:56
does breaking the pr bot count or would that belong somewhere else?

Nope, I think this is /thread time.

2009-01-21, 12:14
me and alex were racing vodniks around muttrah docks (we got bored because the US team sucked) we went round a corner and ran slap bang into a forklift, the forklift blew up insantly and we drove on :)

2009-01-22, 22:26
I hope this isn't waking an old thread but...

Was Spec-Ops and had an enemy AA under me for LITTERALLY 10 mins. I thought it was freindly so I just sat on the hill above it with a freindly stinger looking for enemies. Eventually, after ten mins, it saw our firebase and blew it up and I'm like "WTF IS THAT #[email protected]$#@ AA DOING???!!!?!" So I run in front of the AA and it runs me over. :(

Wing Walker
2009-01-24, 17:16
Someone told me how you can pick up your IED...

2009-01-24, 17:47
Placed an IED in a hot area. Had teammates inside the town and hostiles outside. I had placed the IED by a gate and got the dreaded connection screen. It had been on there for at least a minute and I had pushed every button and even left clicked...Right when I left clicked my connection came back and boom, 5 teamkills.

2009-01-25, 00:55
Mine, I was on muttrah flying the cobra and were going in on a strafe run but I needed to be high, so i could launch a couple and go back to the carrier, only to find out that an ILGA had been set up some where on the promenade so I dive then it decides not to pull up and I Dive under water :/ I wasnt happy and before my team found out I pulled a fast one.

2009-01-25, 01:36
Bumping my mouse with an rpg out in the perfect rooftop ambush with a whole squad and lots of nice kits.

The ones that didn´t die bled out.:(

2009-01-25, 01:42
Mine would have to be flying the Lynx into two full LandRovers and killing everyone. I was then never aloud into a Lynx again.

2009-01-25, 23:27
Mine was just awful. It was the first version of PR I got, .5 if I'm not mistaken, and I was flying gunner on a Cobra at Gulf of Oman. My pilot pointed out some enemies and on my fuzzy TV-camera I thought he meant the hordes of people running away. So I blasted them with the cannon, and only then saw in the corner "Hresvelgr teamkilled..." and I was like "OH SHIT!"

A lot of people were not happy. Must've been three squads at least, tons of wounded, several dead. I haven't flown as a gunner since, in any version of Battlefield 2.

2009-01-28, 14:50
Mine was more recent, we were playing qwai in 0.85 and i was the gunner for the stryker, we were holding Hill 30 at that time when we were hit by a LAT we fell back to the river where the repair crate was we held there for a few minutes when my squad leader accidentally drove the logistic truck into the side of our stryker. our stryker flip on its side and never recovered. we got another stryker and carried on holding the objective. but we still lost it in the end. must be those problems with the stryker's structure. :D

2009-01-28, 14:54
I had an internet connection and clicked left click when i it was better the click with the connection problem screen had caused a teamkill lol

2009-01-28, 15:27
I landed a Huey on a landmine. on an enemy one...

West beach at jabal on the road north. it was behind a ridge so I couldnt see it when I was advancing...

In the last moment when I went down I saw it but it was too late already XD... BOOm Huey down

2009-01-29, 20:42
I was playing as squad leader on Seven gates yesterday and there was a squad of enememies lined up along a wall with a drop to the front of them. I told my squad to use nades but decided to throw them using right mouse to get them exact. I accidently tapped the buton and TKed my entire squad while they were in cover beneath the wall. Then the 4 people on TS were like WHAT DID YOU JUST DO CRY! when 5 TKs showed on the list


2009-01-29, 22:52
Kozelsk.Tried to get out with the truck between the fence and firebase.But truck just exploded and FB down.Whaa dammit. :mad:

2009-01-29, 23:01
A friendly truck ran over me. Luckily i was prone at the time so it went straight over me, then it reversed as i stood up. Which made me roadkill :cry:

2009-01-29, 23:19
Gunning a tank on kozelsk. We were taking fire from behind us and my driver spotted a couple targets. I had HEAT loaded and there was about 4 of them bunched up. I fired. 4tks... nearly kicked from serv but only 2 punished. So i said to myself. After i die i'll leave the serv and hope nobody remembers. About 2 minutes later we were taking fire from one of the bunkers. A friendly infrantry squad was just entering below and i'd already fired one shot into the top floor. I had just reloaded and saw 1 head pop up. fired a round. saw the friendly tag just as i left clicked. i didn't have to leave. I was kicked after 5 seconds.
Shameful moment for me. Never gunned on Kozelsk since.

2009-01-29, 23:22
Got in a Littlebird on muttrah, warmed up, my squad leader got in. I full throttled and lifted of. And then tilted forwards. And then forwards. And by this time I was almost pulling my joystick off the desk. Then I realised it wasn´t plugged in properly, but the throttle was, but it was too late.:(

2009-01-29, 23:22
A friendly truck ran over me. Luckily i was prone at the time so it went straight over me, then it reversed as i stood up. Which made me roadkill :cry:

Made me lol.

All the times I have fired an RPG while crouched, which proceeded to explode in my face instead of in the infidel's.

2009-01-30, 00:17
i was driving a full truck on kozelsk it looked clear so my SL said to move up to next flag. little did i know there was an SAW around the corner. i turned the corner and head that saw so i gassed it to get the [email protected]#$ out of there i looked back and all of my team was killed.

"this went on about 2 or 3 times with the same truck"

2009-01-31, 12:09
The time I tried to lob a molotov from our hideout but got shot in the process, misplacing the molotov right next to our hideout. I then heard about 3 or 4 dying sounds come from my squadmates and a lot of cursing about the idiot who molotoved their own spawn :-(

And the time I left my volume down while driving my squad to dam on Jabal Al Burj and didn't notice the enemy apc engine rumbling around the corner until I nearly drove up its tailpipe!

I won't forget the first time I tried to throw "red smoke" on my position to notify friendlies of a cache, only to realise it was the new incendiary nade. My proficiency with PR equipment is unparalleled 8)

2009-01-31, 17:30
I was like, leading a squad (people know I can't lead for shit). I think it was Kashan. I said to my people to go to that little "village" NE of the bunkers, right on the hill, and waited for evac.

But, as soon as we got into village I gone to kitchen to take a chocolate, village was turned into wreck. What was the deal? One of my guys told the Su-25 was going for us. I didn't hear nothing - I just couldn't help myself. :D

After that - everyone left the squad. :D

2009-01-31, 17:56
My worst accident was also my most amazing.

I was on KASHAN DESERT on the USMC as a sniper providing intel to our commander from the mountain about enemy activity in the bunkers.

After a good long time of providing troop/armor movement, a vodnik had rolled in and was laying heavy suppressant fire on my team at the other bunker. I noticed that the driver had hopped out and had left the gunner very vulnerable. So I figured this was as good a time as any to remove this danger to my team.

I line up the shot and 8 seconds later....DUDE388 TEAMKILLS (6 players).

Literally JUST as I fired...a Little Bird flew in front of my scope and I nailed the pilot, causing the transport chopper to plummet to the ground killing everyone. Both the pilot and I were so stunned by what happened that neither of us could think of anything to do except laugh.

2009-01-31, 19:48
In the Battle of Qinling, I was on the British side and decided to join a helicopter squad. I felt confident about joining since I was very good at flying transports, particularly with precision insertion of snipers and squads in Ramiel. The majority of What followed was a series of unfortunate events...
1st Sortie, Failed: My Merlin is shot down over hill 181 by a Chinese Main Battle Tank. Luckily no passengers.
2nd Sortie, Success: I insert a sniper near the Chinese FOB towards the south. Landed on flat terrain.
3rd Sortie, Recon, Aborted: Merlin took a hit from a missle launched from a Fighter. I return to base and land safely, but the Merlin parked in the Helo pad next to mine swings its tail into my helo. The Merlin and its horrifying tendency to tip...tips. I escape with injuries.
4th Event: My laser mouse glitches and my Merlin tips over and destroys the other Merlin parked there. I escape but I am immediately TK'ed
5th Event: I am called to transport a lone soldier from some mountains, very rough terrain. Merlin tips over upon landing
6th Transport, Success: I pick up and drop off a lone soldier from captured Chinese FOB onto a narrow hilltop full of trees and vehicles.
7th Event: Shot down again by a Chinese MBT.
Why I went down: Merlin being "top heavy," sensitive, attitude controls seem to go numb when lowering throttle, rough terrain. :cry:

2009-02-01, 02:55
mine would be riding in a jeep with my squad . we see figures ahead and my squad leader screams out enemy ahead. So i open fire on the not paying attention to who i was killing i looked up and i killed 2 complete squads on my own team.... and the worst part is we only had a few more tickets left so we lost.

2009-02-01, 03:13
Accidentally destroying my teams cache was a bad one. I blew up a enemy but the blast killed me and the cache...

2009-02-01, 09:59
Finaly convincing my friend to join me in a game of PR, starting up kushan as MEC, driving all the way to South Village (First capture point) and attempting to take the point. Now there was a very accurate A-10 flying about as this was happening, I'd never used a trip flare before so I set one up and walked through it. It sparkled and fizzed and I was really proud of myself, that was BEFORE the A-10 opened up on the very building we were occupying.

I thought it was the trip flare :(

2009-02-01, 18:21
Well, there we were on Kashan, with my mate and I trying out the new MEC AA vehicle.
Things were going well, we just harrassed a apache by not letting the missile lock go off and laughing at it's twithing until it was shot down.

Then we moved to another location, my mate running around, looking for choppers and I sitting in the turret and spinning.

'Do you hear that'
'Hear what?'
'That vehicle sound.'
'Kinda hard to do that inside one of those things.'
'Wait, I think there's a tank somewhere'

He then proceeds to check down from a hill and jumps back and falls.
'There's a tank'
'RIGHT DOWN HERE, but I think it didn't see me yet!'
He then goes to peek from the hill
'Yep, green, mean and unseen'
This is when the green, mean and fifty cal starts to hit his cover
He runs to our AA, struggling with locating the door and gets in. As we drive off fast with me keeping an eye on the now-hillclimbing-tank we make our getaway; UNTIL-
'Hey, that was pretty neat, we're gonna mak-'
Our AA vehicle tripped over and got stuck on the roof.
There was a lot of random yelling and alot of wiggling to get the AA back on the wheels and as we drowe avay I told him
'I think we're safe now, I see no tank, we're gonna make it'
It is until I look behind us

'Well... that was intense'
'Think we have time for another AA?'
'Only one way to find out!'

2009-02-01, 20:43

Beeing on Muttrah city as MEC (0.807), have a HAT kit and is moving from a rooftop my SL told me to camp because of an APC in the area. The APC were now killed by someone else so I was told to regroup with my squad.

So I move down from the rooftop and when I reach street level I see this fully loaded Huey heading down towards me.
I get really stressed and push 4 like an idiot.
The chopper gets closer, coming in for landing. I am checking the optics on the HAT.
The stress is felt everywhere on me.
The chopper is some 5 metres away, almost landed, surprised that the pilot hadn't seen me I start to slooooowly pulling up the sights.
The chopper lands, two guys gets out. My sights is up, though I have to stabilize it.
The stress becomes to much, since the guys might see me, run away, and shoot me any second.
So I fire...

64 sec until respawn...


Alt+f4 leaving the computer to my brother who watched it all and is laughing hard towards me.

2009-02-02, 12:51
I once stept on a mine in a friendy base... i felt stupid for days...

2009-02-02, 14:42
My worst accident was on a Insurgency map, I was on the Insurgent side. I was on this roof with a squad full of other people. A cache was on it so people could reload and pickup RPG's/PKM's and have a good shot on any incoming armor.

However I had a RPG and had a APC in my sights, I took the first shot and it hit him. He was smoking and was attempting to flee. I reloaded and tried to make a quick attempt to shoot him before he got too far away that I couldn't shoot him anymore.

As I had my crosshairs on him and was about to shoot, some guy with a AK-47 sprints to the left as I was firing the rocket and it happened to hit him. The blast of it killed me and everybody on the roof + destroyed the cache.

Of course I got blamed for it because they diddn't know the guy got in my way and was banned. I attempted to appeal my ban but it was on a server that apparently sticks to there bans no matter what.


Another accident was quite recently actually, it was another Insurgency map on the new patch. I was setting up a mine because there has been frequent APC and hummer activity going down this one road.

I setup the mine but I forgot to mark it. There was this squad that was all in this one technical, I got no idea what they were doing. I mean, you don't charge a active highway full of APC's with a tech. Anyways I forgot to mark it so they drove over my mine (Although I doubt they would have checked the map for the marker anyways if I had remembers to mark it).

Luckily there wasn't a admin online so I diddn't get in any trouble for the accident but afterwards I never touch the sapper kit anymore. Atleast unless I need to because there seems to be more frequent people walking over your gernade traps and mines. Even when they are marked.