View Full Version : [AAR] Operation Hellfire

2009-01-18, 23:30
Server - BigD Large Maps
Time - 9:50pm AEST
Map - Kashan Desert 32P
Players - Pirogoth (My Pilot), Howlin Mad Murdo (Aestjaboo's gunner), Aestjaboo (Murdo's Pilot), =BW=xXxHeliPilotxXx (Pirogoth's Gunner)

Ok so here goes my first AAR.

The start of the round I was piloting Blackhawks dropping people and crates, I was doing a fairly good job until I got shot down dropping a sniper off in the hills. Then Murdo formed an APACHE squad and he also flew BH's around for a while. Then he just gave me his, no asking or anything (Thanks Mate). So I flew around dropping stuff off again we spotted an enemy FB and I went in low to give my minigunners a chance, when we were lit up by an enemy tank and presently crashed into the desert.

Back at main Piro, Murdo and Aestjaboo were in the APACHE's when they invited me into their squad (Thanks again guys). I hopped in as Piro's gunner and away we went. We stayed up in the clouds whilst Murdo fed us info, each APACHE covering the other's back. Suddenly Murdo tells us there is an enemy tank mauling our troops at village, me and Piro go in low whilst murdo and Aestj cover our backs. The pressure was on me, Piro went into a slow shallow dive whilst I searched for the tank, there it was, Piro went into a hover I lined him up, 'Hydra away' I watched as the missile circled downwards and bang, dead on target. Piro climbed back up for some altitude when suddenly Murdo spotted the enemy attack chopper.

Murdo and Aestjaboo were further away when Piro and I emerged from the clouds to find ourselves face to face with the Havok. I switched to chain gun and gave him a good squirting whilst Piro losed some Hydra's at him and we chased him all the way back to main where we pulled back to get re-armed and repaired.

I was elated, Piro was an excellent Pilot and I had scored my first Hellfire Kill ever.
We went back to south whilst Murdo and Aestjaboo pulled back to re-arm. Confirmation came over the net that the Havok was down so we could fly a little easier. Then Murdo told us that there was an AAV at village. Piro and I were basically over the top of village then so we dived and I spotted him straight away. The AAV hadn't seen us yet so I gave him a hellfire and missed by a couple of meters. Piro put me in a better postion and I got the AAV as he ran into an enemy tank. Crap things were starting to heat up. I fired another Hellfire and dead on target got the AAV and damaged the tank. The tank tried to hide under the bridge just as my 3rd Hellfire clipped him on the tail. Village was clear and we pulled back to re-arm.

Friendlys had capped village but there was an APC heading to it so we went low to engage and I hit him as he was struggling up a hill. Word came over the net that an enemy Firebase was putting heavy fire onto the bunkers. Murdo's and our Chopper both came in from different angles, Murdo's got locked on and pulled put under flares, the firebase came into view just as our chopper got locked on. I launched a hellfire at the AA i had spotted just as Piro did a stall turn to the left. The AA lock vanished and I launched a hellfire at the Firebase. Firebase down we were taking small arms fire so I switched to chain gun and hosed down any remaining infantry in the area.

By then the enemy main was our last target and we waited for the friendly forces to move up a little, we got in range of the base and I saw 2 smoke trails heading for us then an AAV lit us up and tracers were wizzing past the cockpit Murdo and Aestjaboo went down after being hit by some missiles, the pressure was on us and Piro dived releasing flares. We were trying to seek cover behind a mountain when we were hit by a pair of missiles.

Shortly after being hit Piro dissapeared and I didn't get to thank him properly. It was my first time being in the gunner seat in a proper public match and in the end it was about 19 - 3 for me. If it wasn't for Piro I wouldn't have been able to hit anything, and he also gave a lowdown on how everything worked which was also helpful.

So I'll take this opportunity to thank Howlin Mad Murdock, Aestjaboo and Pirogoth properly. That was possibly the best Kashan Desert round I've ever had and I owe it to you guys. Thanks.

P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistakes especially the names.:smile:

Over and out.