View Full Version : [AAR] Muttrah Wed Jan 14 9pm EST on Eagle

2009-01-15, 20:47
Hi folks,

Any users of this forum were on last night on Eagle for the Muttrah game on the US side?

It was quite a game. MEC had a completely disorganised team, US looked well organised.

US took docks and north in short succession. I created a TEAMWORK squad and tried to get at least some folks working coherently, moved them to east while the US assaulted and took West flag. Then East was assaulted with one squad of inf, 2APC’s, attack chopper and transport as well. We fell hard, no FB, nothing… I took my squad into a race to back-cap West before the US took the South flag and it worked, stalling the offensive. By then more people had joined and some more competent it seemed. Our APC clashed with yours, one died, one stayed put at main, think you lost one there, then inf started moving in on US positions and while I was at West fighting against a US squad and its Firebase, we had recapped South and East.

The rest fell in short order with our surviving APC support, flushed the US from the main land in short order, never to set a foothold there again.

What a game and intense, I was sure we were going to get wiped clean in under 20 minutes by a coordinated attack. We persevered, took some risks that paid off and in the end succeded in mounting a sufficient offense on the US force.

I wanted to get the insight from the US side on how things went.