View Full Version : [AAR] Operation Hide & Seek

2009-01-15, 01:58
As usually you will find me on PR driving jeeps and APCs, but on moring when i was playing PR with a friend of mine which we will call "Jerry". The game started off as a normal game in Fool's Road, i was driving a Saxon while Jerry was manning the 50 cal, as we sped down the road we came across about 2-4 enemy jeeps and APCs. Since the 'Sax is very underpowered i got out of there as soon as i could, for the whole round the enemy was looking for us but what they didn't expect was an ambush. We planted some mines then waited for them to see the smoking 'Sax, of course they raced towards in guns a blazing when the gung ho guy in the APC triggered the mines sending him up to the sky. When the deed was done and they where all wipped out we returned to base with no ammo in our L85's.

2009-01-15, 02:07
Nice one :) I love using mines. On a round of Fools Road We were able to keep the tanks out of hill top by placing mine fields and having infantry stationed inside so that they couldn't cap it.

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