View Full Version : [Video] Al Kufrah Oilfield - MEC Blitzkrieg

2009-01-14, 04:15
Server - Russian Reality 0.809 PROS

Blitzkrieg - RuTube (http://rutube.ru/tracks/1326407.html?v=4da00625f62d93479c63bd4d986e8a57) by Eltiftel

2009-01-14, 16:19
great vid man :) the camera shake is really convincing, is this done in vegas? i enjoyed it alot, looks like there can be some good tank battles on the russian server sometimes :)

2009-01-15, 00:00
WHY Fuzzhead??????

You know what im talking about :p

Awesome video, I love the tank battles on Kufrah, best tanking map imo no distractions from enemy helis or planes to bother you just pure unadultrated armour battles :D

Edit: wooo sergeant :D

2009-01-15, 23:58
Extremly well done, i love it!