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2009-01-10, 21:58
Because I experienced something that I've never experienced in PR, I wanted to share this with you guys. It's not a proper AAR, just a short story.

The story:
I was playing on the T & T server, the maps was Fools Road, I was in the Milita team. At first I was in a proper squad, but that pretty much stopped working effectively (people leaving, SL leaving, etc.). So I was left in the squad with one more person (I can't remember his name).

I hadn't received any orders, and - for a change, normally I'm always with my squad - I decided to do some recon myself.

The starting point of my recon was the Hilltop Estate. We were under attack by a fixed machinegun on a hill to the south. So I decided to go there, crossing open ground.
I noticed an enemy car (which was empty), and I tried to destroy it by shooting at it. That didn't work, and I was out of ammo. (not really a smart thing to do, but I haven't played PR for very long, so I thought I'd give it a try.)

Out of ammo, my only weapon was my knife, which would proof to be very useful!

I crossed the open ground and reached the hill where the enemy machinegun was at. They were still shooting at our positions, and had not noticed me. I sneaked around, coming at them from behind. There were two guys: one AT, one manning the machinegun.

I stabbed the AT guy. The guy manning the machinegun immediately abandoned his gun, in an attempt to kill me, but I stabbed him too.

Then I heard the sound of an enemy truck nearby. It seemed the truck was stuck, and there was only 1 person, the driver in it. I approached the truck and the driver noticed me.

He came out, and - I really have got to give him kudos for this - didn't kill me immediately, instead we had a knife-fight (which I won).

A few moments later an enemy shot at me and I was killed.

The end. ;)

So, do not under-estimate the power of the knife! (and don't forget to check your back!)

I am sorry if there's any bad spelling, I'm not a native speaker.
This is also the first time I wrote something like this, so it's not of high quality.

2009-01-10, 22:32
cool story !
can i tell my story ?

once on muttrah i was pilot so i make some recone near docks and got shoot by some vodnik i lend imideatly beil run for sec and choper blow
i was 100% fine only problem im alone with enemy squad in hungar that full of crates ( 2nd one that open ).
so i wanted to try kill someone with pistol but i decide go "splinter cell " style . so i go from the rear side of hungar with knife and i was stuned when i see a bunker + 4 solders just looking outside.
i was like : Well !
so i knife 2 of them imiatly , medic try to shoot him i knife him ( didnt hit me ) 4th guy go scared ( lol ) and start run to bunker i catch him knife him.
go outside some mec camp on 2nd flore , he didnt notice i kill most of his squad so i pull my pistol kill him too.
i feel so 1337 at that moment then i see mec medic tryinng revive on of the 3 mec that i knife in the beggining .....so i knife him too
( at them point i feel some kind of 1337 teh rambo with pilot kit )
after that i rush to knife the bunker 2 sec before i rich the bunker some how frindly cobra TK from 1 of the top windows.
that was sad.but that was great expiriance with knife......but i still ALT+F4 after that TK

2009-01-11, 17:11
Nice knifing :). Too bad for that TK though.