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2009-01-08, 08:31
If you play enough rounds you wonder if the squad of pubbies are going to work together and must say last night was a refreshing change. OGT which can be a challenging map at times turned out to be a delight. Not that squad I normally lead don't work together but really was some co ordination. And Not a clan tag insight.

How it played out.
Took Train as Chinese not hard, built FOB then support at South Bridge, tried unsuccessful attempt to get to temple from the east. So regrouped and then advanced to the North side of the river from the west. Helped out other squad leader get his kit. Got into position for Squad take out APC with great HAT shot. Circled round to the north and positioned for attack a North Bridge.

Best bit.
The British had built a Bunker, and had supply truck at North Bridge. Got the Spec ops to move forward while we waited and covered him. Had him place C4 on the bunker and slam on the truck. Then we waited, unlike the normal everyone waited, as the sounds of another truck came down the tracks. The slam went off and the advancing truck moved way from it just in time to be hit by the explosion of the C4.

We let rip, all the time other squads advanced to the south of North Bridge, we then fought a retreating battle as the British now knew where we where. We held our rally and flanked to the west. And then map end.

We didn't get top squad, or top player but highly successful game, co ordination, teamwork, patience and control. Great game.

2009-01-08, 23:11
Nice reminds of my good times on ghost train