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2009-01-05, 13:12
A couple days ago I had a great round on Battle for Qinling. I normally join a tank squad. But, since there so many tanks on that map, and I love being engineer, I decided to dedicate my whole round to being a one man mining squad. Believe me, I would have liked some squad mates to help me out, but I guess most people find mining boring. A few joined, and left. Nobody helped. Anyway, here's how it went.

I was Chinese, I tried being engineer for a tank squad but didn't get to the tank before it got destroyed, then died myself. So I respawned at the airport, created a MINES squad, grabbed the little engineer truck and set off for the mine(not landmine) area, because that's where the British tanks like to go. Frustrated with the endless routes armor could take into that area, i moved towards farm in search of a bottleneck. I started to doubt my plan would get me any kills at all. So i decided to make it a crazy mission to their main and try to mine their main gate or something crazy that would most likely get me killed in the process. But then, on the way i saw a nice grouping of rocks, and noticed the bushes right next to the road. So, after hiding my truck, i recon'ed the area. And after a couple armored vehicles passed, jumped into my truck and gunned it to the bush, dropping my ammo crate next to the bush (tried to get it IN the bush, but that didn't happen) and raced back to my vehicles hiding place. After another vehicle passed i sprinted most of the way to the road and dropped my first mine. Hiding next to the bush, I reloaded and placed another mine. While reloading a third I hear a vehicle moving from their main and rush back to the bush and hide.....


Right after I ran out and placed that mine in the video I realized, those guys who just died in the tank and AAV would hear my footsteps and might have heard that mine being placed, oh well. I ended up getting about 12 kills and just 1 death from before. I made about 4 runs back and forth using the west road. It takes forever, but I didn't run into any resistance the whole time. I did return one time to find all my mines either blown up or dug up, not sure which. I got even braver later in the match and placed some mines within a couple hundred meters of their front gate. But all I got from them was a engineer landrover, then the round ended.

I would like to try this strategy with a whole squad, taking supply trucks, engineer trucks and jeeps, and dropping a crate and an engineer all along the road. Picking them up on the way back for resupply. 6 Squad members laying at least 5 mines each is 30 mines spread along their main exit. I wouldn't want to be coming out of that base. Of course a commander would be needed to place so many mine markers. If anyone wants to try this I'm always up for a good mining operation.

2009-01-05, 13:49
Haha, nice. I'd like to have an entire mine squad myself one day, if there's a need for one. I'm glad you used the grass and rocks to cover yourself and your mines. But what I really want to do is have a helicopter drop a mine team on the enemy's runway :)

2009-01-05, 15:42
That's the spirit!! You get a million points from me for the creativity alone.

2009-01-05, 16:30
Very nice, I sometimes also go for mining, especially on Qwai (where grass grows on streets - perfect for mines). ;-)

2009-01-05, 16:49
OGT is the best map for mining!

Good job right there :)

2009-01-10, 15:48
Back when the armor on Fools Road spawned in after 20 or 30 minutes I was in an Armor squad led by Fuzzhead that created a mine field that was populated by about 40 mines and 10 C4 bundles in a huge area on the road between Warehouse and Train Depot. It was a sight to see. We were hiding in the trees on either side of the road waiting for vehicles to approach. If the mines did not get them, the C4 did. Later a squad came through with a CO truck and dismounted. We leveled them with small arms fire. It was a lot of fun.