View Full Version : [Video] Epic fools road BRDM =P

2009-01-05, 02:08
Guys just though id post a video of one of the best rounds i have had on fools in a while.

Milita utterly rinsed the brits taking their main.
linkyEpic win (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=APmTkOD3aNk)

The video follows my squad mostly in our BRDMS

Higher quality version here

2009-01-05, 14:47
That round was such a epic round. When we were waiting in those woods for 15 minutes hoping someone didn't come our way, we even got out of the driver seat to stop the engine noise. Very nice job with the camera angles and the music fitted it well.


2009-01-05, 14:51
mew ants high definition

2009-01-05, 19:46
I think I was there in the T62 with [PR]CATA|Raic, epic round was so fast we didnt even had to re-arm and rushed the british main with only the Co-ax machingun having ammo left :razz: