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2009-01-04, 19:53
Guys, I didnt make English captions this time and probally I won't. I'm sorry, but, belive me, it is not necessary, some of the few words we can understand in Portuguese say the basics "Move here, go go go, shot there, hold your fire, go go go again..."

Well, I hope you enjoy the action and the edition :P

Ah, this was a special event promoted by the brazilian PR players, where the US should rescue the downed pilot, while the Ins should stop it happening.

YouTube - Project Reality - Black Hawk Down - Pilot Rescue (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cohDvQZHCY)

2009-01-04, 20:35
LOL !!!
i laughed my ass off when i was watching the video , the music , cut scenes from the movies and the way u took that pilot as a hostage was HILARIOUS ! :lol:

Good video .