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2009-01-04, 10:24
Hello people here at the glorious PR forums.

I have a couple of wet dream that I'd like to share with you. Here's #1:
I'm insurgent on one of the desert maps. I'm squad leader and I've got the collaborator kit, driving a technical. I've got two other squad members, manning the guns. We drive around and annoy the coalition forces, we have a killer time. We stick together, watch each others backs. If someone is killed, the rest of the guys drive the tech back to base and pick up the spawner.

Why has this not become reality yet? Because usually one of these two guys don't have mic, so can't communicate, so tech gets destroyed all the time/don't have experience/gets in the drivers seat and won't leave/gives counterorders/leaves the squad or server without notice and noone wants to take his place/someone TKs me at the base to take the technical/squad member gets an rpg from a cache and won't get back in the tech until we drive off and he starts feeling lonely 5 miles from the frontline, cuz suddenly he's rpg-man and not squad member helping out-man.

Here's wet dream #2:
I'm once again squad leader, as engineer. I'm driving a humvee. I've got two medics in my squad, one on the .50 cal, that's it. We don't need rally points, cuz if humvee is blown up, everyone dies, everyone goes back to main to get another. If one person is killed, he's either revived, or we go back to main for pick up. It's a medic/humvee/VOIP squad.
The objective is to drive around and assist other squads. If a squad is pinned down, we drive up and give the enemy hell, or divert the attention, then get out, give our guys some space. If a squad is being wasted, we drive up, pop smoke, revive a couple of guys, tell them to get in the humvee, then quickly drive away to safety, drop them off, heal them, then they can go back and regroup. While my two medics heal, I either repair the humvee or man the .50 cal.

Why hasn't this become reality? Number 1 option: Because people don't get this kind of strategy. The medics in my squad go "sure we get the plan, okay, roger that" and then run around like they're riflemen saving the day, getting killed of course. They won't get back in the humvee, they get out and run around, get killed in a bad position, have to be picked up at main all the time. If they don't have mics, it's just bad news. Or, number two option happens: The squad that we're trying to assist all try and get in the humvee and drive off. They get in and tell me to get out, or even TK me, going "we need this humvee." Or number 3 option: One of my medics try and take over command with the squad. Guy goes "no no no don't go that way, the other way, the OTHER left! Stop here, I need to get out, come with me, leave the humvee NOW!!" meaning the squad objective is wasted, the squad is wasted, the humvee is wasted.

I LOVE PR, but I've come to call it Project Reject rather that Project Reality. There are SO many social rejects out there, who don't get the fact that other squads have other plans than they do. SO many squads where the SL doesn't have VOIP (should be required!! Nothing less will do!!), SO many squads where kids join and start giving counterorders, SO many squads where the squad leader tells someone off or give people nick names, and SO many players who just don't give a f**k if your squad is using this vehicle, because the guy needs to take the humvee and solo it across the map straight into enemy crossfire and go kaboom like an idiot, the old "My squad is more important than yours"-type of thing. I've NEVER TK anyone on purpose, but by God it's coming closer. In the face!!

I'm not a part of a clan or anything like that, but I'm consistently a good player, usually in the top 5 players on my team, often best squad leader of my team. So far I've tried to elevate the overall level of my fellow players, but my patience is wearing thin. I now want to play in specialised squad with players, who know what they're doing.
I wanna see a medic type of vehicle, with a big red cross on the doors and roof, and only medics can drive it, room in the back for wounded soldiers, bullproof windows and fast as hell, getting in and out of trouble.

Does anyone share these wet dreams? Do you have to be in a clan to make this stuff a reality?

Solid Knight
2009-01-04, 10:27
These dreams made you splooge in your sleep?

2009-01-04, 10:52
Yeah, you might be playing too much PR if that's your wet dreams.

I've seen successful technical squads on insurgency. Especially if you get several people, with one wrenching civvie in the back and someone else in the other back seat, dropping IEDs. Even then, it's fairly easy to die, but feces happen.

As to number 2, medics can be busy sometimes. Most medics will not leave an injured man behind to bleed out in order to drive off in their humvee. Healing people takes a while, and squadleaders generally ignore that fact. Yeah, it might seem like a waste of time to heal some blue guy coughing his guts out, but on the other hand, from his perspective, it seems like a real asshole thing to do to leave him behind. This is, in my experience, usually the thing that slows medics and their squads down.

2009-01-04, 16:50
ya, what i dont get is, your driving a ENGI CAR and get killed by another engi at main repairing and picking up a sl to drive to the rest of the squaD, and get tk'ed, then he drives about 20 seconds, and flips it.... and then when ou say something he starts saying, why you crying about it? that kinda of person is the persion that makes you quit pr

2009-01-04, 18:36
Bad mix: Talking to nerds while making innuendo about sex.

Just played today. Of the entire squad, 2 people had mics at the most. Most of the time, I was the only one with mic. In the course of 3 hours, I think I had 25 different players in my squad. In and out.
One guy spawned as medic and just stood there, not moving. Another guy apparently had no sound, he got in a forklift and drove it all over the place. Third guy spawned as sniper and went into combat like a rifleman. The rest of them could have been bots for all I know. They mostly followed orders. One time a commander dropped by and didn't know he needed the officer kit. Then another commander took over and kept repeating the same things, talking to all squads at once: "Squads 1, 2, 3, 4, attack on the marker please. Squad 2, get to the marker. Squad 3, don't do that, move to the marker. Squad 5 and 6, attack on the marker. Squad 5, bring the humvee..." He kept ranting! Helicopters came crashing down every other minute. I was voted best player twice in a row.

I'm looking for better players here! Organised play, people who've read the manual and speak English! Is joining a clan the answer? How to get away from the overflow of noobs? Anyone?

2009-01-04, 18:39
You chose a crappy server. Pick a different one. I often play on TG or T&T, and most of the time, everyone has a mic. YMMV, but go and try to find a server with some teamwork.