View Full Version : After you build, destroy.

2009-01-01, 15:50
A quick tip to anyone, whether or not you are SL. After you build your asset destroy at least one of the crates. This is especially true on wooded maps where FBs and Bunkers can be difficult to find and driving trucks around is problematic. If you do not destroy one crate the enemy can take out your FB and build their own. :mrgreen:


Moderators please remove this thread. This tip should be removed since it is no longer pertinent to the game with faction specific crates. Thanks.

2009-03-23, 09:22
Correct me if I'm wrong but the enemy can't use your crates, so this is a non-tip?

2009-03-23, 10:30
Crates are team-specific and there is no longer any need to destroy one of your own crates.
But it brings up another good point.
You have 50m from the crates to build the FOB, use them.
Drop the crates away from the FOB location and preferably with some seperation on the crates as well.
If things go tits-up the crates become very important for medpaks and kits.
IF the crates are right next to the FOB then most likely the attacking force can take both under fire.

As far as I know, there is no limit to the number of crates that can be on the field, so if there is a truck and a safe supply route, drop crates in nice little hidely holes or next to other squads RP, if you are in a logistical sort of mood.

But always burn BOTH of the enemy crates because if you leave one, they can re-arm or get a helo or trans truck to drop another crate and BINGO a new enemy FOB.