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2008-12-30, 22:57
Everyone has it once in a while, and it is not for the feint of heart: THE EXPERIENCE. Sometimes You can feel Your heart exploding when You nail Your first squad down as with a sniper kit, knife a sniper from behind with Your crappy insurgent bayonet, use the silence pistol to wreak havoc on Your enemies in dense forest, or lead Your squad successfully against a .50 cal position. Or beeing blown up in a truck after seeing a HAT hitting the full truck in front of You with a fiery tail of a shooting star.
But sometimes the experience is different. And very, very realistic. Like shoveling up and entire bunker system. This is mine:

A true story about top notch tank driving and field repairs.

The fight was going well on Qwai River: My squad of brave chinese comrades had pushed the imperialist agressors out of goverment office, and we had a good share on securing Mine. A TOW humvee gave us a hell of a ride in our truck, and the loss of our rallypoint made us spawn back into main. There, so we hoped, our nice big friend, the chinese tanks, were waiting for us.

And indeed, one tank and one APC were there, but someone had blown up the other tank. We manned the APC and our tank and left the chinese main base. Ten seconds later, another TOW missile hit took out our APC, which had been leading our squad. That meant only one thing: The TOWs were hunting us on our territory! We had to do something. Fast. And that meant: We had to move into the boonies.

There, in the middle of bushes, smaller trees, we felt safe to advance back to the frontline. And there, in the middle of bushes, smaller trees, and holes here and there, our tank got stuck.

"Damn %$`?§$!!! We got stuck!"
"I told You we get stuck if we move in the $§&$&! boonies!.."

And it was not just stuck: The tank was stuck good. It was stuck in the middle of nowhere, making the tank useless for our team. We had to do something. And again, we had to do it fast.

It is so unfortunate that I can not give You a video of the coming event: A full squad trying to free up a tank stuck inside a hole for 10 minutes. It was worth a comedy show.
Any attempts to free the truck failed miserable, be it by driving in virtually any direction, or pushing the tank with other vehicles. It was even worse, for by doing the latter actions a truck and a jeep were destroyed, and a freshly spawned APC was heavily damaged. Also, the impatient killing tank gunner (me) managed it to get sucked into the spinning tank tracks while leaving the turret after 5 minutes. At the end, one more squad member was heavily wounded while trying to free up the tank with high explosives.

I must say, I never expected something like this to happen. While of course it was somehow frustrating, it simply added a funny "anything can happen" on the battlefield feeling. And, of course, we seemed to have evaded the TOW-Humvees. Also, the enemy team were loosing pretty bad, giving us the a little free time to try to save the tank.

So, that was my PROJECT REALITY EXPERIENCE story. I hope You enjoyed it. What is Yours?

2008-12-30, 23:44
We just rampaged through fools road, the brits dind´t cap a single flag iirc. Over in 30 mins, no deaths for our tanks at all. Won 350 or so - 0.

2008-12-30, 23:51
They capped village alex, twas pretty epic, i was the tank sqd ldr :)

ive had some pretty relaistic experiences back in the day on helmand province, i remebr searching builidings for insurgents felt awesome :D

2009-01-11, 11:29
A true story about top notch tank driving and field repairs.

LOL! I've had a totally similar experience with my friend, Orpal. We were driving a chinese tank on Qwai River, and somehow got stuck by the riverside. There was a huge hole from which we couldn't escape! No matter how hard we tried, the tank just stayed there. Some teammates had seen what happened, and they tried to free up our tank with another one - which eventually got stuck as well, LMFAO. IIRR, we somehow managed to get out... still, it was great fun, and of course, a valuable lesson too. So guys, be careful, and stick to the roads: being blown up by a mine or a heavy-AT is better IMHO than getting stuck in a damn hole in the middle of nowhere.;-):D
Oh, I have a screenshot if anyone's interested: here (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/c7875b8303ccf59adc68a1f38c8a3ed61bfe3d5f.png).