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2008-12-25, 01:49
Spent a few weeks making a nifty CAS montage. Mostly just Attack Chopper ownage, but we did some F16 formation flying in it too. YouTube had to be Mr. Heartbreaker and restrict a Linkin Park song in it. So it's muted on Youtube, but runs fine on the Xfire video. Sorry, I wanted to make it really cool and play in HD on Youtube, but I ran into that problem. I used Sony Vegas 8 for the first time so bare with me :P. I know a lot of people enjoy no music and just squad chatter but my recorder didn't capture sound so I just plugged in some music.

Youtube (Muted but HD): YouTube - Battlefield 2: PR0.8 CAS Montage-Cobra, Apache, F16 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuCksyh7bIs)
Xfire (sound and same good quality): Battlefield 2: PR0.8 CAS Montage-Cobra, Apache, F16 - Xfire Video (http://www.xfire.com/video/57bb7/)

Thanks for watching!

2008-12-25, 02:04
Really nice montage! The song, the scenes, all fit ! Great game. Poor MECs at Muttrah, there were raped.

2008-12-25, 02:05
very nice, actually the vid quality is pretty good on xfire. nice ending btw :D

2008-12-25, 02:10
LOOOOOOL, the endind was THE ending !

2008-12-25, 02:34
Awesome montage, Very good gunning in that attack heli :D

2008-12-25, 02:51
Nice vid!!!

2008-12-25, 03:17
Well thanks guys, really makes all the hard work worth it :D Yea the Flight of the Bumblebee music fit really well so i thought i would add it, also since i'm such a slippery Spec Ops agent :P

2008-12-25, 04:14
nice pilot and gunner, nice video too!

2008-12-25, 05:33
Not bad. Some of the camera work with the Spec Ops/Air Cow was choppy and hard to follow, but overall it was enjoyable.

2008-12-25, 14:41
-Weeeeeeeeeeeee, baserape montage...



2008-12-25, 16:30
Finally someone that picked up my work :D

Pretty good editing + good music + good gunner + good pilot = WIN!

2008-12-25, 17:12
-Weeeeeeeeeeeee, baserape montage...



Hah, knew that was coming, and I understand that, but they have 2 vulcans for a reason :P . I really don't enjoy base rape from both ends (attack or attacked) Most of the shots were taken when we were advanced pretty far (flags), not saying all the way, but close. I would rather support troops out on the front then get free kills at a main any day.

2008-12-25, 21:44
nice baserape :)

2008-12-25, 21:48
Nice montage!

2008-12-26, 00:30
I enjoyed that video, looking forward to more?

Really nice music, editing! If we could get Voip comms aswell next time would be sweet... And yeah perfect humorus ending:)

2008-12-26, 00:32
too much base rape:-(

but the ending was cool :)

2008-12-26, 03:17
Once I get another mass of clips together I plan on making another, try to incorporate less base attack :P