View Full Version : [AAR] PRSP EPICNESS!!!

2008-12-24, 22:18
I set up a game were there was 12 guys on Brit team on Al Bas and the rest were insurgents. Both squads moved to the VCP (as commander i made em do so) then wave after wave after wave of insurgents came flooding from the city. We held off for at least 1 hour before we was over run. We had to HMG posts, some sand bags and wire by the entrance and a couple of landies gurding the other entrance.


2008-12-25, 01:11
Sounds awesome, i do that in SP too. I've modded the Specops kit to have

Its amazing what you can do with a Grappling hook and a PPsh. Oh, and if you REALLY want epic, do Basrah on 16 player, all bots for insurgents and only yourself as Brit. Take the rover on the bridge, and see how long you last lol. and oh ya, difficulty 80, 100 makes it so everyshot is a headshot for the AI, lame

2008-12-30, 00:05
I'll try that. I'm thinking of moding it to make the UKSF more SAS like

2008-12-30, 00:45
How the hell can you mode it? :D

2008-12-30, 01:28
How the hell can you mode it? :D

+1 tell me ur secrets :)