View Full Version : [Video] Aquiller - Rambo SL

2008-12-23, 20:54
It's my first video simply made for testing the software. Footage is from T&T server. Kudos to my squadmates (forgot the names) from Mestia & Kashan - nice rounds!
BTW, when I left the server i had ~ 18 kills / 2 deaths. Now imagine all this awesomeness placed in Command Post during PRT battles - what a waste... :D

Music in video is from Red Alert 3 Soundtrack - Hell March 3 (Copyrights by Electronic Arts)


2008-12-23, 21:00
Gj mate on your first video, and our server rocks!

2008-12-23, 21:04
nice vid, and yeah, never trust the blue guy

2008-12-23, 22:04
That song can be only used with the russian forces !