View Full Version : [Tip] What is an AAR and how to make one

2008-12-20, 23:55
AAR stands for After Action Report

I've been asked by a few people as to what a AAR is and how to right one. So here is a quick how to on AAR's. Being a game and not military AAR's do not have to be totally by the books. So here are some items and examples of how yours should be done.

[AAR] in the title plus a brief text *[AAR] Operation Chicken Little
Players involved
Map with visual game play markings
Screen shots
Score Board (for those that care)
A story to as to how everything went down. Times and places will help other paint a picture.

Some Great Examples :

Its very simple really and doesn't necessarily need to have all these items. But adding a few or all will get you post noticed more. Make sure in your title you add in "[AAR]" at the start.

2010-02-07, 18:50
Lots of people have tried linking a video by putting the entire URL betweent the brackets, and later saying the link is not working and providing the entire URL.

The correct way to link a video is only putting between the youtube brackets the characters AFTER the = (equal) sign (only put the characters in bold)

To see this in action, press "Quote" on my post and look what is written between the [YOUTUBE] brackets.


Hope I've helped some people! And maybe relieved some of the weight off the DEVs and MODs shoulders, because I've seen lots of posts with youtube video "attempts" (hehe) and then getting fixed by the R-MODs or R-DEVs.