View Full Version : [Video] EJOD Desert

2008-12-12, 15:06
This is my first time using Battle Recorder so it's mainly just a little test reel to utilize some shot ideas I had. It's a nice little video though.


2008-12-12, 15:33
Very nice video. I liked how it showed the perspective of both sides, especially the sniper and the humvee action.

2008-12-12, 15:36
Nice mate, and the 1st person stuff was integrated well as well

I know the 1st person stuff won't be practical for it, but type renderer.drawhud 0 in to ur console in battlerecorder to remove teh compass, or crop it out.

smooth mousework, all I'd really wanna see is more camera views from the player's level of vision in the BR for immersion.

Good work mate :)

2008-12-12, 15:53
Very good video, for your first time. Few choppy shots at the end, but good marksman action, and overall great work.


2008-12-12, 16:21
The BF1942 theme remix is good :)

2008-12-12, 17:00
cool video

where do you find that soundtrack? id like to listen to it~!

2008-12-12, 17:34
Very good job on the camera. Keep it up!

2008-12-13, 00:28
fuzzhead;869114']cool video

where do you find that soundtrack? id like to listen to it~!The song is called Bullet Catcher by Jason Buss.

2008-12-13, 01:33
Lol look at theese wheelies at the end of the movie.

2008-12-14, 03:16
Ya good video i like how everyone gives you posotive comments on your first vid but on mine all i get is negative lol. But good work and keep it up.

2008-12-14, 03:56
Great vid. ^and Mp5punk, your movies are all great, except for that one negative factor that hinders them, yet you can't stop it: Lag.

Hopefully, when you get your Xmas rig, you'll show us your best filming and editing without any lag getting in the way ;)

2008-12-14, 07:38
Well, it's not my first video. If people actually read the post it said my first time using battle recorder ;-)

2008-12-14, 08:14
Best part isthe end. After his gunner got hit the driver did the right thing. Insted of stepping on the gas and running the MEC. Rifleman dwon he turned and returned to get reinforcements.

Good bid man, keep it up