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2008-12-09, 19:06
I wanted to make a long video that showed all that PR has to offer, but i found out petty quickly that that video would end up being hours long. So i packed as much as i could into 20mins. It might be boring for people who already play PR, its aimed at people who've never play it before.

Comments? This is only my second video, so I'm still learning.
Part 1/2

Part 2/2

2008-12-09, 19:41
THe idea is good, buuuuuut... To show what PR really is, you must show the game-play with all it's teamwork, wich PR is the only one that has it.

Nice RPG shot at the BH :D

2008-12-09, 19:55
But there is teamwork like that in bf2v. PR just forces it on everyone. Besides i felt that topic deserves it own video. This one was long enough. I didn't even get into the kits/weapons like i wanted to.

Thanks, I've hit lots of birds with the rpg, but that was the one time i actually had fraps recording :) I think it blew up after flying over that building, i heard an explosion after he went out of sight.

2008-12-11, 23:04
Nice videos! Really enjoied what pr is and remembered the fun i had with my sqwadmates.

2008-12-11, 23:10
It's a nice showcase of all the vehicles. Could probably be faster at some parts.

2008-12-13, 00:48
Thanks for the comments guys.