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2008-12-08, 11:26
Hello guys the Third Part of my gameplay movies here you go

This is Project Reality Part 3 (http://www.wegame.com/watch/This_is_Project_Reality_2/)

Thanks For Watching :)

URL link given above 8)

Note:Metal Music Included :)

Mj Pain
2008-12-08, 12:11
CanĀ“t see anything:sad:

2008-12-08, 12:32
Fixed :)

2008-12-08, 12:53
-To heal yourself while prone just look straight up.

2008-12-08, 13:32
I hate the music, you should just had ingame sounds and no music at all. And if you want have music please at least make it good. lol

2008-12-08, 13:34
Thanks for the tip Tartan :). Spaz I ll make my next video without music :D

2008-12-08, 17:37
I hate the music, you should just had ingame sounds and no music at all. And if you want have music please at least make it good. lol

spaz don't be silly, Amon Amarth is really good music. Don't be a hater.:roll:

I loved the music! keep it coming!:D

2008-12-08, 17:46
Well nice i got one that liked the music :)

2008-12-08, 18:04
Yea, didn't like the music. On a real gameplay video like that is better to just have the game sounds and voip. But thanks for doing it, more people should record gameplay with voip and everything.

I have other observations of the way you play, but whatever, won't go into that.

2008-12-08, 18:21
Thanks i dont think that anyone here watched it till the end man but thanks for the replies and all those comments positive or negative :) Dbzao if you can give me some advice just go with it :) Your sniper video was really cool man and i have to ask you something what is the rule of the sniper.Everybody says something else.

2008-12-08, 18:43
I watched till the end ;)

As I said, no music would be better for continuos gameplay like that, so we can immerse ourselves in the game sounds, hearing distant firefights and everything else is much more fun imo. For a video compilation, where you have multiple fast scenes glued together, some music can be what unify them all, so it's not that bad. Well music is fine, but in your video it could be lower imo, so we can hear the talking better, and any music style will never be enjoyed by all viewers.

About your actions in-game, some things I noticed:

1. Sometimes you are not going for the same things your squad is going for. The SL puts an attack command and they start shooting and you are running to the other direction. Try to be more alert to what your SL is marking.

2. Lots of times you are running and shooting, rushing towards your enemy. It may work against one single enemy, but against multiple targets it will only get you killed (as it happened in the video). Being in a position you can fire but get into cover when shot at is much better.

3. You don't need to use the medic hands multiple times, usually only once is enough. Saves time ;)

4. Try to talk less, only passing important information.

Anyways, those were some issues I noticed in that video. About the "sniper rule" you asked, I'm not sure what you mean. If it's how many seconds you have to wait before shooting, it's really not an exact science as it varies from player to player, server to server. I was getting some fast shots simply because I wasn't moving and not moving my camera too fast. That's usually enough to get some shots on target. Wait for him to stop and get some seconds of breathing to get a good shot. Sometimes it will not work, but some it will. ;)

2008-12-08, 19:06
Thanks for your suggestions and your comments. Advices do improve one :).There is a thing i have to say to the 4th comment you gave.Sometimes i think that Pr needs more than just ingame information or communication.When i make squads and when we are walking to a engagement zone i always talk about something else make jokes or let other people talk about other things else then Pr.Its better but in combat you gotta keep it short thats right.I am used to have so much fun with people in my squads laughing and etc.Thats why i got used to it.I appreciate it :)

2008-12-08, 20:00
Killing militiamen just isn't the same without a healthy dose of banter amongst your squad.

Also, you don't really need resuscitate at all. You can pretty much pronedive-epipen most casualties. Takes a bit of practice, though :D

2008-12-08, 20:38
Resuscitate is more realistic so i ll do that :)

2008-12-08, 21:39
what is the name of the song in the suicide car?? it's so funny!! ^^

2008-12-08, 22:33
Its called QOM i got it from somewhere i dont remember where :D

2008-12-09, 01:16
my tip is to dodge the bullets a little better =P

2008-12-09, 01:22
We killed em all there because we kept attacking all together :)