View Full Version : [AAR] A hell of a round!

2008-12-08, 00:58
I was playing on the FFTF server earlier tonight, there was about 20-30 players on Muttrah City. I was in the USMC team.

For the major part of the round, MEC was just dominating us, no matter how hard we fought, as soon as we was taking Docks, they was taking it back. After 1 or 2 hour of struggle, we had ticket bleed at aprox. 70 ticket a lil after our SL quit. That made me SL, we decided to go with 2 APC desperatly, we had no more hope since we had no flag and all our team was pushed back to the carrier.

MIRACLE! My awesome squadmate and I manage to take Dock, North City and West City back with 2 apc!! It was amazing. Awesome teammates. It was very cool. That was a hell of a round!



2008-12-08, 03:11
lol nice

2008-12-10, 05:21
XxOneArmWallyxX is the man btw considering he consistently outscores most PR players and does so minus an arm; keyboard on floor.

And sometimes he's drinking/drunk too.

PR Noobs, bow down.