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2008-12-06, 19:21
Well i finally made a new video, hopefully with some improvements from the last 2 i made. It was just some footage i got from a few battle recorder files so um ya enjoy!

For Very good HD go here


Project Reality Movie (http://gamerztheatre.com/movies?task=videodirectlink&id=182)


Not nearly as good quality as Gamerztheate but if u cant find out how to get plug in watch it here.

YouTube - Project reality Movie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaF59jaT7Lc)


2008-12-06, 19:48
First off let me say I admire your effort, every video you create is an improvement from the last. You learn from your mistakes and you try improve on them. For that, you have great potential in film making.

Now with that said, there is one hurdle that seems to really keep me from getting into your films, and unfortunately is something you have little control over...lag. Don't get me wrong, it's is leaps and bounds above your other creations. There is considerably less lag, but there is still enough there to lower the immersion into the film for the viewer. One big kudos you get from me each time is your choice is music, it accurately reinforces your scenes at the correct amount and makes the action that much more enjoyable.

You are also improving on your angles used in the film. But one thing to remember is that moving from one area to another (ie. sliding from one tank to another across the map) is good and all, but it should be fluid and quick (which you did well, but not quiet perfect). A suggestion is to try speeding up the movement a bit in the editor, this allows the speed you need and keeps action fresh with no pauses while you move to another part.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed your scenes, some additional buffing was needed in parts (ie. heads being cut off during the FO building scene, and at the river point at 1:43 it seemed as though the MG gunner was having a spasm of sorts, and at 1:23 there was a brief COMMO-ROSE appearance that could have been cut). It was still enjoyable even with these little errors, but with plenty of time used on catching these mistakes before release will greatly improve the feel of the film.

All in all this was an enjoyable film to watch. A few errors and lag dropped the immersion a bit, but not enough to ruin the movie. I'd give it an 8/10 only because (yet again, though not entirely your fault) the lag got in the way. Keep on improving each time and your videos will be great works for PROJECT REALITY.

P.S. I only meant the previous as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not an attempt to bash your work.

2008-12-06, 19:57
Hey i really want to thank you for saying that, guess what i am asking for christmas? an upgrade for my computer so i can make better videos on high settings with no lag. It will really nice. And ya i noticed the gunner was having a spasm lol that was pretty funny, but over thanks for the rating and i hope to make better videos to come.

2008-12-06, 20:20
I know how much of a pain in the ass it is with lag for making films and filming with fraps, so lets hope you get what you want for xmas :D.

Great video, an amazing effort. The only things i can see from the audience perspective apart from the lag, which is just unfair to comment on at the moment (in my opinion, anyway), is the speed of your panning shots, and the angles and angle changes. Panning shots need to really keep pace with the sound track, and its always good when you keep a set angle, instead of changing it around to adapt to scenery or whatever.

But overall, better than my first fraps thing, did it as an intro to other films, but then realised my computer was too sh*t to actually record anything other than 2 people at a time..:D

YouTube - tactics and teamwork (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rfovGHhLguA)

2008-12-06, 20:27
Thanks Stal appreciate the support and i like your intro thing it is good. Ya i hope i get what i want for xmas too lol

2008-12-07, 09:01
I can only agree with Dude's excellent reply.

2008-12-07, 15:21
I enjoyed that quite alot, great effort and a enjoyable result, music worked well as well.

the lag was bearable :)

but renderer.drawhud 0! don't forget :P you can use the numbers on ur keyboard to pause and play when you do this

YouTube - US forces in PR 0.8 (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OTUt_wsnRFU) <- thats one of mine and it too 4hrs to make, notice I have done renderer.drawhud 0, and when I don't use freecam, I hide nametags with camera positioning. The best way of hiding tags ofc is to modify the .con file, but I accidentally didn't back mine up last time...leading to hilarity with pb.
e.g. on ur boat scene it might have been a good idea to put the camera right in with the crew, that way you don't see the tags and it feels more immersive.

When you're doing moving camera sequences and want the camera to move VERY quickly, like that bit on qwai river, I suggest you actually SLOW the game down, do your best to keep the mouse steady as you move the camera, then use vegas or whatever to speed the clip up so it looks like the camera was actually moving fast. It allows better footage to feature.

I really hope you get your upgrade, because you can see the effort going in to the clips and its producing nice results, looking forward to your next work.

2008-12-07, 15:37
I would like to know what the music is called? ;)

2008-12-07, 15:39
Batman Begins - Molussus?

2008-12-07, 16:15
I like your intent mp5punk, but the lag is too much for me to enjoy it, sorry. :(

2008-12-07, 16:22
Batman Begins - Molussus?

I believe that that is Antrozous (also from the Batman Begins Soundtrack)

And even though I've heard the second one many times, I can't recall what it's called.

P.S. That reminds me, There were also no credits on the film (that I saw). Make sure you add those to credit for the people that made both the mod and the music.

2008-12-07, 17:02
ok thanks for all the support guys, ya the first song was the batman begins music, and then the second ones were by x ray dog, last one was hellbringer and i dont remember the second one, and if you read my few other posts i am asking for new computer parts so there are no lag =] So i do hope i can get a 480 dollar upgrade on my computer to make better movies.