View Full Version : [Video] PR v0.8 last nights tg sever

Royal Marine StaffSgt Joe
2008-11-29, 21:36
tg sever game play video on Vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com/2379925)


2008-11-29, 22:05
ya it was ok, maybe a little bit more action and up close, not so high up, and the music started to get on my nerves, good graphics though.

2008-11-29, 22:56
This was a 1 life event at TacticalGamer.com. One of many specical rounds we played during Black Friday PW night.

Lots of fun Joe, glad you guys spotted that cashe

Mj Pain
2008-11-29, 23:46
Looks like you had a great round there, Joe.
Good video but the music wasn´t that great.
Anyways..keep them coming:smile:

2008-11-30, 19:01
Very nice armor teamwork! This is how PR should be every round! :)

2008-11-30, 19:05
---> Tales from the Front

The game looked good, however, the camera could have used a bit more action^^ Sometimes felt like watching some security camera or so... Music wasnt too good either.

2008-11-30, 19:22
during Black Friday PW night.

Glad you're celebration recession... :P

xatu miller
2008-11-30, 23:59
ohhh look at my warrior firing at the cache!That was a dame awsome round... so was the pick em C&C qwai before it

2008-12-01, 03:06
Awww...you didn't include me taking out a whole British squad crossing the bridge in a technical.

2008-12-01, 07:55
Yea I got bored and skimmed trough it to see if the camera angle kept so "boring" and it did. So I just skimmed the rest. Looked as an awesome game though!