View Full Version : [Video] PR v0.8 Blackhawk Action

2008-11-29, 02:04
Some great times on the battle arena last night .


Hope this version looks better 126megs. edited

2008-11-29, 02:33
Yea, quality is pretty bad. Will wait to see it with better quality. Don't be afraid in making a large file. Will take longer to upload, but in the end it will be much better.

2008-11-29, 04:41
uploaded a new one but damn it still looks like shit what should i save it as ?

2008-11-29, 05:52
better link just by typing &fmt=6 after the link u get a better youtube link pretty sweet just found this out

YouTube - blackhawk2.wmv (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMVpVEMIXZA&fmt=6)

Solid Knight
2008-11-29, 06:12
Why didn't those miniguns murder those trucks?

2008-11-29, 06:17
Or you can click the "watch in high quality" button.... or set your youtube account to always watch the high quality version

Doesnt that do the same thing? I never notice a difference between clicking "watch in high quality" and using the &fmt=X. I say X because I have seen like 3 numbers you should use after it...

hm so apparently the text adding at the end works for those that dont have the high quality button as well? I dont know... I checked like 5 sites about this and they all say something different. Theres like 3 numbers you can add and some give stereo sound etc... I think one of them makes it slightly better than the HQ button. :shrug:

2008-11-29, 07:22
haha i was on the insurgent team!
we downed the blackhawk just outside the main at the start of the game with two technicles!

huge al basrah v2 fan!

2008-11-29, 10:10
Nice chris... :)

2008-11-29, 14:01
Nice use of the Blackhawk :)