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2008-11-27, 18:12
Hey warren just wanted to write down some notes about what went right and what went wrong about our small outing here on the TG server. I think for the most part we suffered some heavy losses but we did have some small victories. I think we can learn better from the rounds where we did poorly rather than the rounds that we did succesfully, as when its a success you usually dont think much about it hehe

Qwai River:
- with you providing overwatch on that main road when we held fishing village, was very good locations and Im prety sure enemy would have had a hard time defeating that.

- Story Time: alot of times we seem to be at odds with questionable commanders. In this instance we were being commanded by Lt.Greenhorn and our squad ordered to attack the gov office. Of course this puts the fishing village with 0 defense but the commander deemed that an acceptable risk. Well we avoid the TOW positions by flanking to processing - which was an excellent move, and you managed to knock out a TOW plus a stryker by moving thru their supply route. Then we advanced up to gov office, maybe there was a hull dwon pos you could take to the far south that could overwatch, but you move to the east close to their main base and got some contacts there. inevitably, just as we arrive at gov office the fishing village fell and we made excellent manuever to fall back without taking casualties. Unforunately the enemy were not dumb and quickly moved off fishing village to capture our rear undefended flags. And so the commander said "team were fucked" and resigned.

My question is, what to do with these CO's that want to take the chair, but then run away as soon as their plan turns into epic fail.... Im sure you as well as I saw that foolish manuever ending badly much in advance, but I gave the commander some faith that he would reassign a rear guard, which apparently never happens. I think in the future Im going to respectfully tell the commander that unless I have a rear guard RIGHT in front of my eyes to replace me, I will not be moving out of my position. I hate it that we setup a very nice denfense in excellent positions, only for it to be overrun with zero resistance because commander decided he wants 100% units to attack. In hockey this would be like pulling the goalie in the first 5 minutes of the game :roll:

- Later on, on our way to reinforce squads defending the temple, we were hit hard by an ambush right near the road. I think this was my fault as the fireteam I assigned to that side of the road was lagging behind, I should have told you to wait up until that fireteam made it in front of your APC. Im confident that if my infantry were in front of the APC, we would have soured the ambush and you would not have taken that HAT round. Also my squads ambush tactics were very poor, and they did not utilize maximum violence to overcome it. To their credit though, the enemy were disciplined and immediately withdrew as soon as they succesfully targeted the APC, kudos to that US squad.

- Further on, you were engaging troops along the main road to PLA main base, but were far away from our pos. I think in future it would be better to operate closer to our position, or have us come to you, I prefer to loose objectives over loosing collaboration between the two units. I would rather loose the objective and stay alive to take it back, then seperating and loosing the vehicle because we could not mutually support each other.

There was other moments there but I just wanted to touch on some of those things.


- Again, some questionable decisions by CO to build a forward operating base inside a slum, having to bypass the insurgent stronghold was definitely a bad idea as I think you agree. We essentially stirred up the bee hive and every man woman and able bodied child suddenly came fourth with any RPG they could find. It was very harsh for my squad to stick it out in that compound, insrugents began breaching on all sides and you were continously RTBing because of RPG fire. Again I think in the future, disagreeing with the CO here would be best course of action, we should pursue our own agenda when working as a unit like this, as I find that has much more beneficial results.

- APC RTB: I am torn about what to do here. I think esp on insurgency, that whenever possible the infantry should RTB along with the APC when the APC gets hit. I know this puts alot of down time for the infantry, but in the long run I think this is a better option. Mechnized Infantry I think should always consider fast assaults and blitzkreig tactics over static defense. IF we must go into static defense, we better be damn sure its an excellent defensive pos. There is many places in the hills surrounding ramiel to make good FOBs, I think we should consider that a SOP in the future, and definitely DO NOT build an FOB inside the city. That tactic might work for light infantry, but mechnized infantry just not good.

- Assault on the first cache that we made was an excellent run, damn fine work by all involved if you ask me. After getting torn apart at that slums FOB, it was very nice to see that coordinatede strike. The enemy had heavy presence on the rooftops and streets, but the 2 strykers and humvee did a superb job of clearing them and surpressing them while the infantry dealt with ground threats. We moved quickly around the streets while you surpressed, and soon found a spotter inside a suspecious building after checking a couple others. We were engaged by yet another ins on a rooftop which I think was being surpressed by you but he could still fire on us, we took a casualty and then killed the spotter, found the cache, destroyed it. But by then we were being swarmed from all sides, really we needed a 2nd infantry squad on overwatch of the building to get out alive. They swarmed us with frags and RPGs, and we did not survive to escape but at least the cache went down. In future it would be nice to have additional infantry as well I should have called for that extract a bit earlier, but things happened very quickly it was a tough call.

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on these rounds warren, although I think definitely not the best moments (for either of us) I think its good to be able to know what went wrong and how to prevent that happening in the future.

Im just happy you guys took out that TOW humvee that ran me down hehe

2008-11-27, 20:02
Well we avoid the TOW positions by flanking to processing - which was an excellent move, and you managed to knock out a TOW plus a stryker by moving thru their supply route
I think I was in that US squad. I heard the APC moving through S and expected it move through processing. I told my driver to drive behind a hill expecting the APC to come outside of the compound just as we got round the hill. Mistake of me was I didn't stop for listening to locate the APC and it turned out that the APC was still further south on the road than I anticipated.

Keep that in mind when flanking with APCs. They make such a loud noise that you can easily hear them when not in a armoured vehicle.

Plus I completely suck at shooting TOW unless you want a smokescreen.

2008-11-28, 08:49
I was part of the attack on gov office but my PC crashed after we tried to take back fishing village.