View Full Version : [Video] PR v0.8 Militia medic squad

2008-11-26, 11:23
Me, Fuzzhead, [TG-22nd]Jeepo, Silly_Savage, MastaTschief and PRC_H3AVY_Z had a little medic squad.

The sound is very low and the last clip doesn't even have sound and I'm sorry for that.

Its all recorded with xfire.

2008-11-26, 11:55
Heh. I found it a bit amusing to see a squad of six medics on the map. The PPSh is an awesome weapon though.


2008-11-26, 16:24
This is why i am sad PPSH is being taken out :(

cptste el_74
2008-11-26, 16:36
lol good work :)

2008-11-26, 17:24
great vid, is that weapon of COD:WAW??

2008-11-26, 17:43
ya ^^


epipen only owns

2008-11-26, 18:21
ive done it before, this strat really works.

2008-11-26, 18:53
yae I was leading a squad once and people found out the PPSH was awesome. So my whole squad except me went for ppsh's and went crazy on the brits!

2008-11-26, 19:03
This is why i am sad PPSH is being taken out

please dont spread rumors as if they were facts...

good fun spaz, too bad video is low quality

2008-11-26, 19:06
fuzzhead;856965']good fun spaz, too bad video is low quality

Yeah next time I'm going to record with fraps, the xfire video record really is no good.

2008-11-26, 19:13
umm ... rly nice
if that was vanilla you'd be called "medicwhore" now ... which i totally agree with

its nowhere near realistic to have 5 medics in a squad, where everyone can revive/heal every1 ... this is one of the n00b ways to play that game imho


2008-11-26, 21:27
LOL, that was awesome :lol:

For the last clip since there was no sound, I'll try and describe what happened:

- We were prone on one side of a hill, with a 3-man sniper team, our first victims of the round advancing towards us.

Fuzzhead: Wait for it...Wait for it

- 3-man team advances closer

Fuzzhead: Wait for it.....NOW!

Out of the serene hillside, 6 cloned medics stampede towards the awestruck brits, all six PPsh-41s blazing at 900rds/min for a cumulative deafening roar of 5400 rds/min.

The 2 Brits in front, overwhelmed and stunned, met their end in a wall of hot lead without firing a single shot.

The last man remaining, the officer, panicked and tossed a grenade blindly to no avail. Before the officer could toss another grenade, Fuzz charged up with knife in hand and cut the man's life short.

The result of first attack: Spaz, Fuzz and I all got one kill.

By the end of the game we had something like 27/5 k/d ratio, best of the team (which was a little sad). I had a 11/1 k/d :mrgreen: