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2008-11-24, 20:34
This is only about ten min's of a epic 2+ hr Ramel round. SL are Zaboo (infi) Wearhouse (infi) Portable.Cougar (APC) SuperCobra (air support)

This was not planned. We did not go into this round with the intention of running a 22 person controlled convoy. We all just happend to be in TeamSpeak. We used teamspeak to rally eatch other and just destroy the insurgent team. Round end was 225-0 US victory.

Sweet Jump (unrealited)

Headed out to help House's squad who are pinned in the city center

On location securing area for pick up


Oscer Mike



At the Cashe location, Infi dismounts (fun side game, find the red guy whos about to be f*cked)


.House's squad securing the east side

Job is done, SuperCobra scouts the route for bad guys

Rearm Regroup replan on to the next one

Stuff we need to work on. No one is at fault, and I am by no means trying to single one person of squad out. I just like to do this in AAR's to remind myself of lessions learned.

When its time to mount up.. IT IS TIME TO MOUNT UP. Our few casulitys were a result of wating too long.

We need to try and ween ourselfs off of grid and keypad locations when in closely spaced groups like we were. In the time it takes to pull your map up and place a move marker the target has moved on, or worse has fired on friendlys. "south east, 100m out 2 story building, roof left side" I know that sounds longer but as the firesupport / security guy it works better for us.

Patience. On the Insurgent maps people seem to have a need to rush in to the city / cashe area. Staying back and observing while mainting a useable and defendable stand off distance is key. Insted of staying out in the city, we withdrew after eatch cashe was destroyed. Getting ammo and supplys was one reason, the other being it was a safe place to regroup and plan our next assult.

Thats really it. The whole team worked togther minus 3 guys who were crashing choppers and heading into the city alone.

GG all thanks for joining us.

2008-11-24, 20:57
I'm surprised no one grabbed a bombcar and blew you up, a sneak attack when you're bunched up and you coulda killed both Strikers and the Truck :P.

The INS team was obviously very disorganized, but still, excellent job! Only thing you need is a few Humvees too :)

Ramiel is a great map and needs to be played more. Getting a squad with 3 humvees and doing convoy runs around the city is great fun.

Also, it's an attack littlebird, not a Super Cobra :P

AH-6A I think

2008-11-24, 21:40
Also, it's an attack littlebird, not a Super Cobra :P

AH-6A I think

That's the pilot's nickname, I believe :P

Still, it looks good, and it's nice to see Strykers used effectively on Ramiel, instead of getting mercilessly slaughtered.

But, eek, PNGs.

2008-11-24, 22:21
All incoming vehicals were either spotted by a three man sniper team in the north east or by SuperCobra as he flew above us.

I asure you the Insurgent team tried to kill us. They had a large selection of qualified players and also used teamspeak as well as a CO to cordinate.

Thanks for the asumtions though

2008-11-24, 22:47
PNG's hurt my internetz