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2008-11-23, 02:38
We'll start on the insurgency map that has a mosque. I joined the server mid-game. There was a heli filled up with teammates so I hopped in. The pilot dropped 3 of us off in the middle of the city. After I hopped off, i checked the map and saw the attack marker for my squad (over 1000m away). I began making my way towards it. I had about 500m left when I passed the mosque (by this time the other two people had died and I was alone). I made it to a building next to it and turned around checking my rear. I saw 2 people and scoped, shot one then started shooting at another. There happened to be an allied APC that opened up on the one I missed. I continued on my way, killing 2 more enemies that were heading toward my squad. I have 50m to go, I could see some allies. I shot one more enemy then sprinted toward a building. I JUST got to the attack marker and was about to enter a building when DEAD pops up on the screen. Turns out the enemy just got a sniper up on a building nearby and got me at the last minute. I was kind of mad having made it so far only to be killed.

Next one takes place on an insurgency map (river through the middle, town surrounding it. Mountains on the outskirts). I spawned as US and had joined the server midway through again. I joined a squad that was 1500m away and hopped in a jeep. We made it to the bridge right when it got blown. The APC in front of us was killed by it and the enemy got us with some AT. I respawned at the MB and was the only one there. There was a jeep, so I took it (yes I waited around and no one spawned). I drove near my squad and stopped the jeep next to an allied squad (they used it). We went about clearing buildings. We made it to the second village before taking fire. I saw one guy and opened up on him, but his squadmate threw a grenade and it hit me. I crawled into a building while on squadmate was firing back in front and one was across the street. The medic came and healed me when the squadmate across took a nade. The guy in front of the building got the grenader and we went on. We cleared the village made our way across the river unopposed. Cleared another village before taking fire. We took them out. Later on we had a rally point set up in a field. We had regrouped there and tried to flank around the enemy. Unfortunately they spotted us and set up positions. We slid down the hill only to be ripped to pieces by an MG. We respawned only to have fire raining down on us. Our squadleader has us retreat to the other side. I made it to the river and almost to the other side before being killed. Spawned at the new rally point. We pretty much just stayed there and defended. Some people crossed and was pretty much do what you want. I got a couple kills during this time. Near the end, we got an attack order. I had been killed, respawned as all but one squadmate were on their way. I looked at my squadmate only to see 2 insurgents slide down, not seeing me. I got one, but the other got my squadmate. I scoped up and got him. I moved on and joined up with my squad (my squad and another were fighting off an enemy attack). We got a couple kills from people up in the hills. We won the round.

Same map. I was on insurgents and had a technical. I drove through a town, slowed down to pass a technical that crashed (driver killed). Made it past only to hear bullet pings on the side. I made it out of the town, watching dust being shot up by the bullets. Made it past there barely only to be shot at in the next town. I was killed and watched as the truck I was driving veer to the right and crash right into the two that killed me. Needless to say, there were pretty mad.

Now on a jungle map. My squad was on one side of a river about to cross when we spotted an enemy squad doing the same. Two were in the water and the rest were heading that way. We got both in the water and shot at the others. There was a guy trying to get to cover and I opened up on him. All I could see were my tracers heading right for him and watching him drop dead. Our squadleader told us to retreat, and while I was trying to move to the side I hit the map button, so the enemy got me. I respawned. We made it to the other side, held off an enemy attack. We snuck around to one side of the enemy main and threw every smoke nade we had. We charge over the hill through the smoke with bullets flying around us. We made it halfway to the enemy main when we won. That was a really short round.

Sorry for it being so long, but it's hard to describe. Great matches all of them.

2008-11-27, 05:22