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2008-11-22, 21:14
i fotget the server, and this was in v 7. w/e it was befire now.

my and another squad mate got sf kits, i got mine from the firebase, and he got his of a dead freandly.

my third squad mate got his from an enimey sf trying to sneak into our base, so i hatch a plan, i say, lets go give them chinese back there sf kit;)
so we are moving slowley all the way accros the map.... the big wooded one with the lake in the middle, and eventually we get into sight of there base.

at that moment, a tank and 2 jeeps leave.
we are still snaking slowley twards the base, and we walked past 12 solders, 2 snipers, 1 at, 1 hat, 3 tanks, and 2 jets, the atack heli, and a tranksport heli all left at that time.
we walk all the way past the base to the back, not noticing the hole in the fence, and climb over the wire by throwing the hock onto the small watch tower. while craling twards the base, we go allong the runway hidden buy its hight, that we go past the heli and jet spawn, and run across, there was one heli there, and i hid some c-4 on it to kill it after it tock off, apperintly, it had gotten full when i blew it =P. we somehow managed to get into building at main and to the highest room.
there we went out on multiple runs, with one guy watching the door, one watching the outside and droping the hoock for the guy to climb the elivtor shaft with. before being found out about.... well... other then the slams going off, both me and the guy w/ the china sf kit had emptied out slams and c/4 out. as our third guy comes back, he gets spotted buy the now severly pissed of commander, considering we had destroyed 2 helis, 3 tanks, 2 apc's and the command post 3 times (we found ammo =P) so he retreats the hole army to come at us.the only things not there were the tanks, which wre guarding bases, and the team could not help us becuase only sf could attack the main, by server rules.

so we hed of in the room untill i had run out of all ammo, we should have died from smoke intalation, and my pistol had one clip[ left. im not sure how much ammo the other two had left, but it was LOW.
we died, i sead, lets wawit a few min, get our sf kits back and go agian!... about 10 second later we won, for our team overran the tanks.

2008-11-27, 04:22