View Full Version : [Video] PR v0.8 Muttrah Pilots

2008-11-22, 19:52
Here is a video produced by Olicarnage about the pilots of Muttrah, recording is made on HeroS server.
Enjoy :-P

DailyMotion - PR V0.8 - Muttrah Pilots (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7dlh1_les-pilotes-de-mutthra_videogames) by Olicarnage

2008-11-22, 20:03
Cool flights, but, where were the AA in Muttrah ? I usually dont fly like the video because of them. The flights in formation were the best !

2008-11-22, 20:10
You're right we don't have a lot of AA troubles on the vid, just some flares launched. It's not always the same. Flying low make it easier, or going by the south to suprise AAs.

2008-11-22, 20:13
pretty cool, was it just me or was it a bit laggy?

2008-11-22, 20:15
Lol at the sniper on the crane. Could aswell have been going on there alone. Nothing is more noticable and eye catching than a helicopter flying near a crane for that long :p

Great job none the less, good scenes, and mainly nice music^^ Keep it up. Good heli pilots rule.

2008-11-22, 20:16
Just noticed the LB on the video, I was flying it and doesn't remember any lag at this moment.

2008-11-22, 20:17
Except from the LB, it didnt seem laggy to me.

2008-11-23, 01:03
Lag? I'd fly with that kind of lag and be HAPPY about it.

Nice flying, but MEC AA did seem to be asleep :p

2009-01-07, 19:04
Players used to Muttrah 2 will notice the lack of MEC AA defences during the footages. Know the map was almost new for a lot of players and since it's hardest to fly this way through the city.

2009-01-08, 22:14
Not a bad vid at all, nice flying at times.

Heaven help you if you try and fly like that on a packed server tho, you'll be cut to shreds by vodniks and AA and the APC.

2009-01-12, 22:37
wow nice flying makes it look like an air Calvary.