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2008-11-21, 20:32
So, here is my story. I was playing on Tactical Gamer and managed to grab the attack little bird. So I did some support at the beginning of the round, with some other guy in the squad who was sitting in my bird with me. The round just started, so I covered the humvees/command trucks moving out of the main base. Took out a technical, some infantry, a motorcycle, and some RPG's shooting at the Main from a hill not far away.

Anywho, was hovering outside of the city only to have a technical light us up. I try to pull away, but I lose rudder control and the entire chopper begins to slowly fall to the ground. Luckily, by the time it touched the ground, it was only on fire. The co-pilot and I managed to jump out and get away from the wreck before the chopper exploded. I got hit once by the .50 cal, and luckily we made it to a nearby firebase that had some crates. I decided to go find some caches, so I picked up a special operations kit from the firebase and headed off. Shortly after, a sniper way north of Ramiel asked me if I wanted to join him.

I joined up with him and got a ride from the black hawk. Roped him up a building, then headed off on my own to search for caches. Did some short demo work on any cars I found sitting around the city. Might as well blow them up now so those damned insurgents cannot use them later. I happened upon one of the intel markers, which was heavily defended by insurgents. One of the two mosques were near, so they were respawning rather closely. I snuck around a bit, looking for targets. Soon I found two insurgents sitting on the roof of a building...I ignore them and sneak around back. The intel marker was directly on a hotel-like building with multiple rooms inside. I spotted an insurgent with a PKM, figuring the cache had to be nearby. Not far from the intel marker, I saw an RPG walking on a roof not far from the hotel.

At this point I was pissing my pants. My palms were sweating, but I held my fire...even if I had multiple chances to blow the heads off of these wandering insurgents. Knowing that if I opened fire, everyone in the area would be alerted of my presence. So instead, I simply held my fire. I managed to rope up into the hotel-like building...only to find the cache sitting in an unguarded room. Pulled out my SLAMs, threw two of them on the cache, reloaded them and quickly ran off. By the time the SLAMs exploded, I was some distance away from it.

I destroyed the cache without firing a shot. Even though I have multiple chances to kill someone, I did not expose my position and still managed to take out a cache with at least seven insurgents in the area.

Throughout the game, I took out two other caches to equal the total up to three. Ended up dying once, as I was distracted by a car driving down the road. Had a close encounter with an insurgent, but managed to rope up a wall and escape. He nearly killed me too. :P

I ended up extracting the sniper from the roof of the building I originally placed him on. He spotted multiple insurgents near another one of the caches, concluding that it was in a two-story building due to the number of insurgents walking around, along with the fact that one of them had a PKM. Ended up going over there and had a wait-out with the PKM gunner. I smoked his friend who jumped onto a motorcycle, and he knew I was out there. The sniper told me he was sitting on the staircase waiting for me. Was a lot of fun taking him out. I just threw C4 ont he wall, and blew it before he noticed it.

We ended up losing the round...but I still had a lot of fun. I think this is how the special forces kit should be used. Fire when you have to. Dont let them know you're there.

I noticed that this story ain't really short, but whatever. :P

2008-11-21, 20:39
Good read;)

2008-11-22, 00:58
You are now officially Sam Fisher.

2008-11-22, 01:35
wow good story lol.

2008-11-22, 01:51
Very good story indeed...

If just the spec ops kit were used like this more often

2008-11-22, 02:58
Thank you for the compliments. I really only play on Tactical Gamer (under the name of ArPeeGee), so maybe you'll see me around sometime.

2008-11-22, 03:24
was this last night? (aussie time =p) i killed a us spec ops guy at close range in an alley then grabbed his gear :D i had a good run slamming two hummers later on.

And i do believe i was in one of the technicals you fired on with your LB at the start!

2008-11-22, 20:02
was this last night? (aussie time =p) i killed a us spec ops guy at close range in an alley then grabbed his gear :D i had a good run slamming two hummers later on.

And i do believe i was in one of the technicals you fired on with your LB at the start!

Nah, plus I did not die in an ally. Little birds often get shot down by technicals as they last for less than two seconds while under fire...so it could have been anyone. xD