View Full Version : [AAR] who said roadblocks arent in game?!

2008-11-07, 18:29
Korengel valley, heroes server before few hours, I and a buddy maked an hebrew voip squad but only me and him talked hebrew(well we the only one whot talk:???:] we were as insurgents side, pretty boring round that we recapture the layonal and then got it captured again... when every time we end capture he get headshotted when he fix our 50cal just outside there, also lot of falls from mountions, sometimes with americans kits[dont ask:oops:]. after some time only one cache left till game over, we come with another 50 cal[i think only us got 5 50cal destroyed:evil:] well we found a destroyed humvve in the middle of a road/street/whatever you calls it one cache behind us and one infront, so we got the idea to use our 50cal+humvve+another wasted car and ended up maked this:
evya08 - Screenshots (http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/evya08/) all the five in bf2 there:)
sadly no car/truck come close enough so we didnt mange to kill anything, but just doing it was funny:) all the time we were there only one action happend, american inf shot from the outpost at us, missing but we didnt mange to kill him[well i think we didnt mange anyway] and game over.
well that was pretty long:oops: hope you will actully read that or at least see the screenshots.

2008-11-07, 18:33
So did you guys also killed someone or?
Nice, btw ;)

2008-11-07, 19:35
sadly no:( the game ended before will we got only one engagments but i dont think we hit him, he shotted from outpost

2008-11-10, 20:31
hey i was in that game hehe. was squadleader on the us team.

2008-11-11, 12:59
why you didnt come to our roadblock:(

2008-11-11, 13:44
ive seena hebrew squad just once before, pretty good idea with the roadblock.

Btw which country is it that speaks hebrew?

Solid Knight
2008-11-11, 14:16
ive seena hebrew squad just once before, pretty good idea with the roadblock.

Btw which country is it that speaks hebrew?

Hint: Jews.

2008-11-11, 14:18
another hint: check dudes location who made thread...

2008-11-11, 17:18
another hint, Jew isnt a country ;)

2008-11-11, 17:22
another hint, its got a communinity fanction in build+its use tavors
also now i start make alots of time hebrew voip squad[see me in eagle/heros/10th very rare/MRS rare/tactics and teamwork ultra rare and some more servers], even though sometimes we do talk in english:O
oh well i got about 20 minutes now to spare, so i going get another bug posted, see ya!