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2008-11-04, 03:19
By yours truly.

Side: USMC
Position: Squad Leader
Location: North City, side alleyway

Me and my men had landed just East of the North city, on the docks. We had worked our way inland towards the CP, and set up a rally at the large parking lot just east of the North City.

After making a mad dash out in the open, we run into a somewhat concealed alleyway in range of the control point.

This alleyway was interesting...one hole in a corrugated fence and an opening to the streets on the east side, and one opening to the streets on the west side. The rest was concealed, so I had men cover all the entry points.

I had two men with me. I was covering the West street entry....when one of my men covering east on the VOIP goes crazy. "THERES A GUY AROUND THE CORNER OH SHIT!" He gets wasted, convieniently being our corpsman as well. My second man covering East popped around the corner and took out the offender, but now we were one man down.

Now, all hell started breaking loose. After neutralizing the threat which took out our corpsman, I went back to my covering spot. As I went around the corner, a MEC soldier had just walked into view. We were less than 5 feet from each other!

I go down on my belly first, and put a couple rounds towards him. He backs off to the right. I then hear a *tink tink tink*. GRENADE! I run back around the corner, I'm saved from any damage.

As I was running back to cover though, I had left a grenade of my own on the ground in that narrow entryway to the alley. As soon as his had exploded, he assumed I was dead, so ran into the entryway. Smackdab into my grenade! Another one down.

And here's where it started getting all movie-like:

One enemy tried to come through the corrugated fence- I took him down with 2 clean shots to the chest, but not without him getting a grenade right onto my last man first. The grenade had also got me bleeding badly. Blood was filling my eyes, and I could barely see.

I throw myself prone next to a trash can in the alleyway, next to the entryway I had been covering, trying to stay alive until my corpsman could get back to me. Lovely enough, Just then I had to hear ANOTHER grenade tink its way around that entryway. The trashcan barely saved me.

The MEC medical specialist who threw it ran around the corner. I popped up and in a suicidal attack ran towards him carbine ablazing. I had emptied my clip after about 3 shots!

I quickly whipped out my pistol in crazed fear and immediately emptied that clip in his direction. Oddly enough, I had not received any return fire in this close combat, 3 feet away encounter. I believe the enemy was caught off guard and I had scared the crap out of him, with him just walking around a corner to find a USMC officer blasting away at him point-blank.

The MEC soldier had just backed up against the wall, still 3 feet away from me and in plain site of each other. He had out his Med bag...instead of his gun. I truly think this guy was shocked!

Still in my crazy dying rage, I wasted not a millisecond in tossing away the emptied pistol to pulling the K-BAR. In less than a second I had thrown myself prone at him, and made a lethal slash across the belly.

He was down for the count, instantly (first knife kill in this PR version, too!). Epically though, moments later, I was finally subdued by blood loss.

My corpsman never made it back to me.

2008-11-04, 13:28
Nice read, but medic's dont have grenade's :)

2008-11-04, 14:18
I laughed at the first VOIP Scream by your first casualty :) Nice read indeed!

2008-11-04, 22:36
Nice read, but medic's dont have grenade's :)

Haha, yeah, thought that too when I read it :) seems there must have been two guys there then.

But anyhow, nice story, always fun to read these. You know, one have done almost all that too and knows how the environment is and such so it's really easy to imagine how it looked. I think more people should start doing that, might start doing it myself if i ever remember what happened and such ;)

2008-11-04, 22:44
Haha, yeah, thought that too when I read it :) seems there must have been two guys there then.

Oh. Hell, well it might not have been a medic who tossed the grenade at me. The stuff was so intense that it all went by like a blur :razz:

2008-11-04, 23:53
Oh. Hell, well it might not have been a medic who tossed the grenade at me. The stuff was so intense that it all went by like a blur :razz:

Well it's a good thing you didn't stop in-game to think this eh?


"Grenade!....wait did a medic throw that? Wait do medic's have grenades? I should check the forums abou...BOOOOOOOOOOM!..............oh right the grenade"

P.S. Good story, I enjoyed it :smile: