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2008-11-03, 11:58
Hey people!

I thought I'd wright up a commander after action report after being CO last sunday night at the T&T server. I started up joining Muttrah and going CO right away on the MEC side.

I saw that West city had some guys in there and that East City was controlled by US forces. I send some squads in there making sure I got enough contact reports from them to let them work together. After a while we got the city back but West city fell.

Squad 1 picked up a truck and head out to construction yard while squad 7 (full-inf squad) stayed at east. The rest of the team was allowed to move up and take back west city. After we took that back squad 5 (also inf. squad) moved in northern city, capted it and moved in docks. This move allowed all my squads to move up to northern city to defend. All in all this game was good. My squads listened, reported and played good.

Than we moved on to Operation Barracuda. I was USMC and we needed bridge first. I couldnt find my CP right away (needed someone to point me at it :P) so I just used V to tell everyone to land on the beach and move up there! 1 squad was building a firebase there.

After I found my CP I organised the assault. 1 full squad on each flank and 2 half squads trough the middle helped by a sniper. The plan was to make sure the enemy got some distraction from the front while I send my 2 flankers around. I was really thrilled and surprised that the troops where following my plan.

They where telling me when they where ready to move in and waiting for there flank-counterpart squad. So my flank force got around the bridge flank and started to push. Meanwhile my frontal force was surpressing the enemy. It was too bad that the enemy was so well dug in that we couldnt break them.

After the initial assault my force broke up and it was hard getting a foot-hold up there. We tried landing again at the front and east side but couldnt get our foot down. After a while we set up a base south-east of
bridge and moved up from there.

When we where down to the last 60 tickets we finaly got bridge and I made the worse mistake ever. Someone requested a J-Dam and another squad requested a Build-order at the same location. I dodged the J-dam and accepted the build order. After they begun building another build-order at that position came in and the J-dam report disapeared. I accepted and when I saw the J-dam bar clear out I was "flabbergasted"

Somehow I accepted a J-dam strike and wiped out my own squad and firebase. We where in luck that the rest of the team was already capping the rest of the flags so that the enemy couldnt get bridge now that I killed all my own squad there.

We won with a 3 tickets difference.

What I enjoyed most of these games was using the commander to almost order a squad to a certain location (much like an RTS) and asking them to report frequently so I could flank around a nearby squad. In both games my team worked and listened very good and altough I fubar'd major with the J-DAM strike I felt like we all did a good job :)

So not the most thrilling action reports to read on the forums but I wanted to tell a battle from the commanders perspective (also to show that playing a CO like this can be fun indeed)

2008-11-03, 12:41
Thanks for the good read ;)

I have a lot of respect for those who choose to go CO as its a "tough love" job to do. You are at the mercy of your SLs obeying your orders. And the tiniest of mistakes from your part will get you loads of people explicating your name.

But when The CO and his SLs march at the same tune, man that really changes a match as you feel some real teamwork flowing around you rather then just the odd squad working well.

So congrats for having a good time going through it ;)

2008-11-03, 13:00
I totaly agree :) I think part of why the initial assault failed was because squad 1 (cas squad) was half pilot half infantry. But as soon as I got 2 more single manned pilot squads I could coordinate proper airlifts and airsupports. It was really cool :)

I have a lot of respect for those who choose to go CO as its a "tough love" job to do. You are at the mercy of your SLs obeying your orders. And the tiniest of mistakes from your part will get you loads of people explicating your name.
And I get the added "bonus" of not speaking in my native language. Not that I cant manage in english. But when I tried explaining what happened to the friendly fire J-dam the squadleader almost got really mad at me because he thaught I was blaiming him!

Thanks for your comment :) Next time I might take some screens and post them. Will be next weekend when I first play again though. Busy week :(

2008-11-03, 13:21
you are a good commander, you know what your doing.:)
it was one of my best rounds i ever played. to bad i had to quit halfway on operation barracuda.

I hope i see you again on the battlefield.

2008-11-03, 13:23
Sweet! :) Thanks for letting me know. Well the team performed great as well and because of that I could do what I planned. So we both needed each other haha :) In what squad where you? Or where you a squadleader? Im sorry cause when your in that CP all you see is squad plus number so Im not good with the names.

2008-11-03, 13:27
on Muttrah i was SL 1 and SL 5 on barracuda

2008-11-03, 13:29
ah excellent :) Now I know who I'm talking to. Than you left right in time before the friendly J-Dam.

2008-11-03, 16:54
They were good rounds, I was SLing on the other side for both those maps. Really close fought. Lost our CO halfway though Muttrah though and he was doing a good job co-ordinating things, although I felt one or two of our squads weren't really pulling their weight, difficult to tell though as I spent most of the round in the mosque after raiding the carpark to try to cause you some transport problems.

2008-11-03, 17:34
haha funny to hear it from the other side :) Yeh the APC and mainly squad 6 had difficulty's there. Too bad you guys lost your CO. I was wondering why my tactics where winning but thats why.