View Full Version : [AAR] Fools Road Tank Hunting - Nickbond, I apologize.

2008-11-03, 07:00
On Saturday I joined a server in central europe during Muttrah City. A squad member started performing smacktard moves with a car just like the nameless one that taunts PR on youtube. Anyway, the SL threatened to kick if he continued, to which the smacktard (name escapes me) replied that if he were kicked he would kick all of us from the squad. Lo and behold, he was kicked and then he kicked all of us from the squad. I have no idea how he did that but he did.

Two minutes later I then joined the ETU server that was on Fools Road and joined a squad that was assaulting and securing Hilltop Estate. Enemy tanks were set up to the north on the road shooting anything that moved. One tank eventually rolled into the Estate compound so a member got a HAT kit and we hit the tank on front armor after we had set off a large number of charges on or next to the tank. The SL kept crying foul play since the tank seemingly took no damage (I never saw the tank since I was hiding in the little shack in the south of the compound shooting troops that were trying to climb the ladder to the roof). I cannot say whether the tank was smoking or not. Later the SL was disconnected, we lost Hilltop and then we respawned to try to take Train Depot back. Same scenario. The squad had a HAT and we got set up on the hill West of train. Again, I was not looking at the tank. HAT round went off and the tank (so my squad members say) seemed to not even be smoking after taking the HAT round on its top armor. At this point the whole squad started spamming chat messages that the tank was rigged and that the crew was hacking. Nickbond, I apologize for this. I let my e-motions get the best of me and since my squad was getting wiped out I assumed someone was cheating. I apologize profusely to you and to ETU for rude chat messages and for so flippantly claiming that hacking was going on. It was not a proud moment for me, especially after both tanks went down and were obviously taking damage. Sorry. Nickbond, I looked for your profile to send you a personal message but was not sure which Nick was you.

2008-11-03, 07:59
Those tanks are made out of something special, I hit 3 of them in the rear with a HAT, 2 of them were immobilised and surivived, the third, rolled on for a bit, the crew bailed and it finally caught fire and blew up about 30 seconds after the AT hit. I also hit on of the BRDMs head on and it only caught fire, there was enough time for the crew and passengers to bail.

2008-11-03, 09:20
Was Noob-bond in your squad? Is that why you want to apologise or was he in the tank?

If he was in the tank, he's probably using one of his Dev-Hax... :p

2008-11-03, 09:26
He was in the tank, i was at GB side that round, situation with tank was strange, but nothing more

2008-11-03, 09:36
I was playing with nick at the time and I can say I was appauled at what people were accusing Nick of doing, one of the guys out right accused him of being a cheater. I can confirm if it puts your mind at rest that the tank did take a hell of a load of damage, during the round I was actually nick and dukes (gunner and driver respectively) engineer support so I'd be the best person to confirm they did take a lot of damage. As IAJTHOMAS says this must no doubt be a bug with that particular tank if its happened on numorous occasions before.

As far as putting SLAMS on the tank, they do very little damage to armour anyways, even if you do put all 4 on.

2008-11-03, 09:50
Nightwolf, I apologize to you too. The tanks went down eventually and were obviously taking damage. Whether or not the tanks on Fools Road need to be tweeked for sustainable damage is beside the point. I am sorry that my squad bitched, complained and made meaningless accusations just because the tank did not blow up after taking a HAT round on the top armor. Poor form. I apologize.

2008-11-03, 09:53
Was Noob-bond in your squad? Is that why you want to apologise or was he in the tank?

If he was in the tank, he's probably using one of his Dev-Hax... :p

Nickbond was in the tank... see Nightwolf's comment above. He was the poor guy that my squad was bashing via chat.

2008-11-03, 10:35
Its very good for you to apologise though Scandicci, especially since it wasnt you who was actually doing all the bitching. Nicks at work so wont see this for a few hours yet but I'm sure he'll be happy to forgive and forget, especially if you'v got nice eyes.

2008-11-03, 16:51
The T62's are buggy as heck. I was in one that got hit by a HAT once that caused the tank to shoot 30 feet in the air, do a barrel roll, then land on its tracks and take 0 damage.

I was like WTF just happened.

2008-11-03, 18:08
thank you very much for taking the brave steps for apolagising, i know when up agaisnt the odds emotions get the better of people but i'm glad you've realsied whats happenend after the red mist has risen and taken steps to correct it,

no hard feelings, and i hope to play with/agaisnt you again soon


2008-11-04, 17:54
I apologize profusely to ETU for rude chat messages and for so flippantly claiming that hacking was going on

Apology accepted ;)