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2008-10-27, 18:56
This was awesome!
Friday evening 10th Community server a few minuits before midnight.
My clan mate Bullet and me(ingame name Flamestorm) are connecting on Kashan Desert. I told Bullet: do you know which map is running?
Bullet: No i am in the menu.
Me: Kashan with Attack helo, you know what that mean.

We both connectet before the round already started and were playing some minuits as transport pilots. after that we got into the apache. me as pilot bullet as gunner.
We had a very good inf troop(in our squad) that always gives us targets and lasered tanks. we were over 800 above the enemies havoks and not in sight for inf. nobody saw us but we got them through our second eyes the SL.
Bullet was shooting most only on the markers and got more than just some kills. and tanks and aa hadnt a chance. a couple of times some vodniks tried to kill our "second eyes" but our gun was faster.
at last we killed 5 havoks(it was a long map) a lot of tanks and some aa.
And infantry we didnt count. i had 11 kills and bullet was about 44-48 may he have a screen i didnt made one(yeah im stupid). And this round was my most real round in the hole game, because we were not shot down or killed in the whole round i wasnt bleeding and i wasnt smoking or burning.
i want to thanks privetB, 10th Stg.Smith, H3f3, and bullet.
A Attack helo squad you should fear.

thx for reading