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2008-10-27, 15:58
In retrospect, getting into a chopper with a pilot who I had to explain the concept of crates to was a pretty bad idea. Not that things were going too smoothly up to that point.

Most of our team was at the dam, while one squad managed to capture bridge. Even though the dam was out of play, the fighting went on. We were unable to break out, and the rest of the team stayed at the dam, fighting, as well. The bridge squad was yelling at the team to go capture Jabal, so we eventually fell back to carrier.

We got in the chopper with this fresh-from-vanilla pilot wannabe who politely informed us that he doesn't do crates. I explained the startling concept of the crate to him, and he managed to drop one on the deck of the carrier in response. We eventually managed to get underway, whether with a new crate or without (I never did find out). The pilot didn't crash on takeoff, and managed to take us to the requested grid coordinates.

Except, instead of landing and letting us get out the guy started hovering in place and yelling at us to bail out. I inform him, via chat, that this is PR, where choppers actually have to LAND, and that we don't have chutes, so even if we DID want to bail out it'd end up rather badly for us. Receiving no response, we remained sitting in the aircraft, watching the chopper swing back and forth while very slowly descending towards the ground, the pilot obviously overcompensating in his hover while paying little attention to altitude. For a moment it seemed like the 30 second descent would pay off and we would land safely on the ground, and perhaps even get out without getting killed. But then, the chopper swung forward again, flying towards a nearby hill at a way too steep of an angle with way too much speed. Realizing what was about to happen, I yelled at my squad to get out of the chopper.

And that, they did. I bailed, breaking my ankles, knees, and whatnot, but surviving the short fall. I looked behind me and saw the chopper rolling over my squadleader. Not a pretty sight. The chopper ended up exploding while upside-down over my seriously injured SL and killing him. No matter, I was a medic, so I pulled the SL's body out of the wreck while casting disapproving glances at the dead body of the inept pilot. After a healthy dose of epinephrine, and some magical healing bag rituals, the SL was as good as new.

The next order of business was the RP. Except, there was only one other guy who survived the crash, and he decided to run off to a nearby hill in the meantime. We ran towards him while yelling at him to get back. He didn't listen, and the moment we got to the ridge top he was on, he got shot in the face. SL, annoyed at the fact that he couldn't set up a RP and salvage the situation, kicked the guy out of the squad. So, it ended up being just the two of us behind enemy lines, with no support whatsoever. While my SL was deciding what to do next, I look back towards the crash site and see a Vodnik driving along.

We quickly grab whatever sparse cover is there to avoid detection and see that the Vodnik was followed by a supply truck. Great, maybe they haven't noticed us, we think. Well, maybe the haven't the but the truck made a beeline for our position anyway. We could hear it struggling up the hill we were on, and the moment it came over the crest we knew that it saw us. Both of use jumped to the sides as it tried to run us over and opened fire on the single guy in the back as it sped past. The truck disappeared behind the hill, so both of us started reloading our rifles.

That was a bad decision. While we were both tapping our magazines on our helmets (wait, did I even have a helmet?), a MEC engineer came over the ridge top from the direction of the truck. I yelled at my SL to get his gun out, meaning to tell him to get his handgun out. The MEC soldier shot once or twice and I noted the healthbar above my SL's head indicating that he was injured. What happened next was pretty bizarre. I finished my reloading and ran a short distance towards my SL and the MEC guy. I noted my SL twiddling with his inventory. I noted the MEC guy right in front of him. I noted the shovel in the MEC guy's hands. Wait, a shovel? Either way, no time to think. I quickly put him somewhere in the middle of my screen and squeezed off a three round burst without much aiming. That did it. The MEC guy went down. Then, a grenade went off. A friendly grenade. My SL's grenade. Apparently in his fumbling with his inventory, he took out a grenade and tossed it somewhere in front of him, killing me. Oh well, I told the SL that we could swap kits on the engineer if he got my kit and revived me. So, we did just that. After patching ourselves up, we started to move out... Only to have a Vodnik come out of nowhere and try to run us over.

I dodged to the side but my SL wasn't fast enough. The Vodnik killed him and dragged his not-entirely-lifeless body for several meters, before driving off into the sunset. Not seeing the vehicle anymore, I ran up to my SL's contorted body and revived him. As I was healing him, I looked in the direction where the Vodnik went. Nothing there. Or... wait. Is that a Vodnik gun poking over the top of that hill over there? Huh, I think it-- OH GOD HE'S SHOOTING AT US.

We both got killed.

Following that, we had some more fun with chopper pilots flying under the dam in order to evade 50 cal fire only to find a much deadlier opponent in shape of a wall at the other end of the dam tunnel. Eventually, the round ended with USMC victory, and I, for some inexplicable reason, ended up on top of our team's scoreboard.

It was the most hilariously horrible round I ever had.

Mj Pain
2008-10-27, 16:11
Thanks Daranz, u made my day:)
Great read.

2008-10-27, 16:28
Great read indeed:)

2008-10-27, 17:01
Lol, very nice to read.

2008-10-27, 17:05
yea nice read! Almost like a movie script. Everytime you think its over but than you manage to survive! :P

2008-10-27, 17:05
well written :D enjoyed that

2008-10-27, 18:14
PR Team needs a new tag of [R-WRITER] for those who are able to keep us entertained and amused with a good battle report.

Was a good read mate.

2008-10-27, 19:02
was a truly good read

lol at the pilot, good job you didn't have anyone in the squad thinking it was nilla, would have been messy on that floor!

2008-10-30, 08:13
Haha, well said.