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2008-10-16, 03:16
There's so many threads about smacktards and noobs and other people complaining about noobs on PR. All games have them, so get over it.(rant over) this thread is for you to post a story that happened on PR that represents what PR is about, it could be great teamwork, a good commander, whatever.
Here's a sample of mine, I was on Muttrah City V2 at the MEC main, I was waiting for my Squad Lead to pick me up because our rally point got destroyed. While waiting there, I noticed 2 guys by the BTR-90, one guy requested a kit then continued to look down like he was trying to get another kit. I assumed(correctly) that he got a wrong kit and wanted the crewman kit, so without saying anything in game I went up to the the APC requested the crewman kit, and showed it to him, he commo rosed thanks and hopped in and left, giving me a ride.

2008-10-16, 08:06
I dont mean to troll but theres already a thread for this :)

2008-10-16, 08:53
Nope, that's a recommendation thread rather than a purely anecdotal one. ;)

Personally I love it when i get on to a training server and make a F-16 squad with a few guys to start flying in formation and whatnot.

2008-10-16, 10:03
Some of the awesomest teamwork moments in PR that I had involved CAS. It's always cool when you can call in an aircraft, and lase a tank that has your squad covering behind cover, and then see an aircraft swoop in and destroy him, clearing a way towards your objective. Dedicated spotters can be highly effective, but air squads that cooperate with any SL that needs them in a pinch make for that much better of a game.

2008-10-16, 11:14
Nope, that's a recommendation thread rather than a purely anecdotal one. ;)

Ah right! Your totaly correct!

And totaly agree with Daraz here! Thats always the moment I tell to people who dont know about PR. I was squadleader on Kashan and was heading for South Village as mec with a full APC of squadmembers. Right before we went in to the valley I got out and had a look. There was an M1 tank watching us. So I radiod the CO and in came the airsupport :)

2008-10-17, 17:40
I had a squad in EJOB desert full version, our squad was running great, excellent teamwork. It wasn't before we had taken over the East City, upon securing it, I told my AT guy and my automatic rifleman to get on two seperate roofs to provide cover. We held off the east city for quite awhile until getting pushed out by several infantry squads. Upon being pushed out, 2 squad members went back and grabbed an APC, we all jumped in and moved on the east city. We cut around to the far East through the hills and eliminated an enemy squad and rally w/ the APC, upon reaching the edge of the city, I told the 2 guys operating the APC to stay in it and cover the arch west of the east city, the rest of the squad came w/ me and we cleared the buildings and streets of infantry. Our APC prevented any MEC from moving of the east city as we secured it, we eventually were overran by a MEC APC and fell back to the gas station. I setup some .50 cals covering the south side of town and ordered to defend gas station, we spent the rest of the map defending the gas station from attack, quite an intense battle, our APC in the squad had us covered really well though. Nothing beats close ground support with an APC, espically when you can call out enemy positions and have the gunner lay down .50 cal on the enemies from 300 yards out. That was a fun game.

2008-10-17, 17:55
One thing I do a lot of which I have noticed NO ONE doing ever for me, is when a medic is shot, I always pick up their kits and revive them using their own kit. I'v never seen anyone do that for me, or someone else in the game, other than the guys I play with of course. All the blue guys seem to care to much about their scope, or the M4 they'v picked up to be a team player and help a brother out.

Thats a nice thing you did though Steve, no doubt you'd help a brother out ;)

2008-10-17, 18:30
Perhaps the fastest example of how teamwork is positive came on Muttrah for me.

We were US and we were getting owned by the MEC, our APC's were down (which was my squad :( I hit a mine and the other got HAT'd) we had noob pilots who, I kid you not, would fly empty helicopters to the middle of the city and try and fly through the buildings, getting shot down or crashing. Well, once the MEC took docks and the US started getting ticket bleed, all the crappy pilots left because there were no spawned choppers for them to do their 1337 stunts with.

At that exact time both of our LAV-3's spawned in, the six guys in my squad quickly hopped in and took off to Docks, 1 engie in each APC. When we were almost there about 2 LB's and 1 Heuy spawned in and some good pilots actually got their hands on them. They quickly loaded up and took off towards docks. As they were comming in, I spotted a FB the MEC had built at the container ship, while the other LAV 3 saw a pair of Vodnicks waiting in the north building area. We quickly opened fire, taking down their AA launcher, the Vods, and sending the INF scattering. The choppers quickly dropped their soldiers and all of a sudden we had 2 APC's and about 20 Infantry at North docks.

As soon as we got the flag it seemed to start clicking for our team. Another heuy spawned so one of the LB pilots traded for that and they started doing supply runs. One squad built a bunker at Docks while my APC's went back to that MEC FB and destroyed it, killing much of the infantry. Once they were down, we went back to the flag, picked up the 2 non-building squads who had requested transport, and drove them to north city. With 2apcs and 2 squads there, that flag dropped like a rock, and we also destroyed another MEC FB.

Once our team had N. City, we loaded both squads up and went to seperate flags, one APC to west, one to east. We dropped them off and I had my ridealong Engineers Teamchat that we were going to the MEC main for ammo and to head off the impending counterattack.

Sure enough, as the two of use traveled in a convoy through the city, we ran into 2 FULLY LOADED supply trucks and a fully loaded Vodnick, and a fully loaded civi car, which were promptly RAPED by our APFSDS rounds. By the time we got to the MEC main, the two squads had neutralized E and W city. We quickly switched to HEAT, drove up the the MEC command post, and started firing everywhere, killing people as they spawned while we refitted, got a bit of repairs, and our engies through landmines on the BTR-90 spawnpoint. We probably stayed in the MEC main for 45 seconds before we left again.

By this time, the squad that had built a FB at docks had been picked up by a Huey and were being dropped off at S. City. So our APC squad quickly picked up the two squads at E and W city and drove them to the flag, quickly taking it.

THen we got a bunker at that flag and it was over. We had managed to take 5 flags with less then 10 casualties (a few deaths at docks as it was being taken, and a few accidental TK's by choppers) while the MEC lost around 75 tickets.

At that point it was surround the MEC main and just shoot people who stuck their head out. HAT and LAT kits kept the Flack Guns down, squads took cover in the parking garage and ontop of other buildings, and we even got a squad LB inserted onto the top of fortress.
My APC's patrolled the roads leading away from the MEC main, mopping up lucky supplytrucks and Vodniks that managed to get through the infantry.

We ended up winning by a score of approx. 60-0, and that was after the ticket bleed we had had before! Our perfect assualt started when we had only approx. 150 tickets left! The APC gunners ended up at like 50-3 and 47-5 with only 2 total apc's lost (the other kills came from a few failed boat assaults and defense while on foot) Drivers ended up at like 6-2 and 4-3, some squads had all their members with double digit kills and atleast 2:1 KDR's.

It was amazing, the greatest and fastest comeback I have ever seen in PR! And it was all thanks to the right people getting the right equipment, and giving people rides.